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5 tips for an apartment rental in Paris

Whether you’re traveling as a couple, as a family with children, alone or for business, here are our 5 key tips for a short-term apartment rental in Paris.


The location of your rental apartment often proves to be crucial for the success of your stay.
Paris is split into 20 arrondissements, which are all different from one another. Some are more «chic», whilst others are bohemian, artistic, residential, trendy or quiet.
The arrondissement in which you chose to rent an apartment will vary depending on who you are and the purpose of your trip.
Different museums and places of interest are spread all across Paris, which is lucky because it wouldn’t be much fun if you had them all at your doorstep without having to make an effort).


Be aware that lots of apartments have sofa-beds; this can be useful as it allows you to rent a 1-bedroom apartment that sleeps 4 people and therefore saves you money on rental fees.


The duration of your stay can also be a factor in your choice of rental apartment. The shorter your visit, the less time you can afford to lose traveling, making the central arrondissements much more attractive.


Renting a car in Paris isn’t really necessary. Firstly, as very few rental apartments offer parking, you may have to pay parking fees and run the risk of getting tickets. Secondly, Paris has excellent public transport (bus/metro/tram/RER), which means that all of the capital’s neighborhoods are within easy reach of your apartment.


Temporary exhibitions are held throughout the year in Paris. However, when particular events are held over certain periods (Roland Garros, Euro 2016, Fashion Week…) the cost of rental apartments can increase as a result.
To see the dates of all of the major annual events in Paris, visit the Official Tourist Office website.
Before you rent an apartment in Paris, make sure you’ve kept all your different needs in mind.
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