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6 things to do for Halloween

Halloween 2015 is approaching. On Saturday, October 31st, 2015, pumpkins, ghosts and monsters will fill the streets of Paris! What are your plans for Halloween 2015? If you have no idea, here are 6 things to do for Halloween that should inspire you.

Classic: horror-film party

Little girl in front of a TV during the night
Try a classic Halloween party this year, with popcorn, pizza, burgers, candy… and plenty of good horror movies. That’s it? Come on, we’ll help you a bit more – here is a list of horror films to watch on Halloween.

The scariest: the Manoir de Paris

Manoir de Paris
What is better than a haunted manor to get the full Halloween experience? Le Manoir is always haunted… so just imagine how haunted it will be on Halloween?! 
Visit the website for more information about Halloween in the Manoir de Paris.

The most stressful: Escape Games


A gate locked with a chain and a lock in a Escape Game

© The Game

Escape Games: these are special games where the goal is to get out of a room within a certain amount of time. What could be more stressful than reliving the plot of a horror film on Halloween? Almost all of the Escape Games will be putting on special events for the occasion. Take a look at our list of Escape Games in Paris. Bear in mind that Prizoners, one of the most popular Escape Game in Paris, will be organizing a giant Halloween Escape Game for the occasion.

The funniest: Bars, discos, fancy-dress parties

Disguised teenagers in a Halloween party

© Weemove

To mark the occasion, discos, bars and clubs usually organize parties that tend either to be extremely funny or scary! As you’ve probably guesses, costumes are required! Halloween only happens once a year, so take the dress code seriously. To find the best party for you, check out the SoonNight and Weemove websites.

A Halloween like in the movies: Château de Thoiry

Château de Thoiry during Halloween
Halloween in a… castle. Frightening! The Château of Thoiry will be decorated for the occasion, with cobwebs and more… We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but watch your back! More information is available here.

The «thrills and spills»: Astérix or Disney?

Attraction Halloween
Amusement parks (or theme parks) often organize night-time events for Halloween. This year is no exception. Head to Disneyland Paris or Parc Astérix to celebrate Halloween 2015. These parks are huge, so our advice is watch your step, especially on the ghost train or in the haunted houses! Why not experience the 31st October at Parc Astérix or at Disneyland?

Hopefully this has given you plenty of ideas for enjoying a scary evening on Halloween 2015. In the meantime… Happy Halloween!
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