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Bilingual nurseries in Paris: Addresses and practical informations

You just settled down in Paris and you are looking for a bilingual nursery for your child? Bilingual nurseries, addresses and practical informations are waiting for you in this article!


Micro or Collective bilingual nursery?

Before you start researching bilingual nurseries in Paris, you need to start by making the difference between the two big categories standing in front of you. This little glossary is here to help you:

The collective nursery (crèche collective in french): can welcome up to 60 children. It is controlled by the The Protection maternelle et infantile (Maternal and child welfare). The children are taken care of by qualified people (auxiliary nurses, early childhood educators). The schedules match working hours.


The micro-nursery (micro-crèche in french): what makes the difference with the other nurseries is its welcoming capacity that is of 10 children maximum. The micro-nurseries are strictly controlled by the maternal and child welfare and have to be authorized by the Department General Council. The people who work there have the early childhood’ Certificate of professional aptitud (CAP) and two years of experience minimum or they have diploma of kindergarten assistant and three years of experience. The schedules match the working hours.


These two main types of nurseries can be founded and regulated by public (city hall) or private entities (association, company).


creche bilingue à paris

Why choosing a bilingual nursery?

1.) Like for any other types of nurseries, the children are taken care of by professionals who themselves are controlled by the Maternal and child welfare. Therefore, you can be off to work without having to worry!


2.) Your child will play with other children, which contributes in developing your baby’s alertness!


3.) He will have the luck to develop his linguistic knowledge at an early age.


4.) You’ll be required to pay a percentage of your daycare costs based upon your monthly income (if applicable)

Private bilingual nurseries in Paris: Addresses and contacts

In order to register your little treasure, you can apply online through their website or you can contact them to set up a registration appointment.
Little frogs
French-English, private daycare center, 35 places available
58 rue Gounod, 92210 Saint-Cloud
Tom&Gerry (Crèche Attitude)
Company day care center, 10 places available
18 rue Gounod, 92210 Saint-Cloud
International day-care centre
French- English
10 places available
41 avenue Henri Martin, 94100 Saint-Maur des fossés /
AFAPE association’s day care center, 28 places available
5 rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris
AFAPE association’s daycare center, 72 places (82 places available)
12 rue Bellot, 75019 Paris
Paris 8 Villiers (les petits tourbillons)
Company Micro-crèche, 10 places available
3 rue Larribe, 75008 Paris
place crèche paris

A public nursery close to your apartment in Paris? It is possible!

For those who would like to book a nursery close from their apartment in Paris, another good alternative for you would be to check out your arrondissement’s city hall that certainly offers public daycares even if those aren’t bilingual.
Depending on the arrondissement of Paris where your apartment is located, you will be able to get some informations from the corresponding city hall. Don’t hesitate to scroll down to the list we made for you and to make a pre-registration appointment with the town hall during your 6th month of pregnancy!
And if you would like to live in one of those arrondissements of Paris, come check out our apartments’ selection by arrondissements!
1st arrondissement  : http://www.mairie01.paris.fr
2nd arrondissement : http://www.mairie02.paris.fr
3rd arrondissement : http://www.mairie03.paris.fr
4th arrondissement : http://www.mairie04.paris.fr
5th arrondissement : http://www.mairie05.paris.fr
6th arrondissement : http://www.mairie06.paris.fr
7th arrondissement : http://www.mairie07.paris.fr
8th arrondissement : http://www.mairie08.paris.fr
9th arrondissement : http://www.mairie09.paris.fr
10th arrondissement : http://www.mairie10.paris.fr
11th arrondissement : http://www.mairie11.paris.fr
12th arrondissement : http://www.mairie12.paris.fr
13th arrondissement : http://www.mairie13.paris.fr
14th arrondissement : http://www.mairie14.paris.fr
15th arrondissement : http://www.mairie15.paris.fr
16th arrondissement : http://www.mairie16.paris.fr
17th arrondissement : http://www.mairie17.paris.fr
18th arrondissement : http://www.mairie18.paris.fr
19th arrondissement : http://www.mairie19.paris.fr
20th arrondissement : http://www.mairie20.paris.fr
We hope you will find the perfect bilingual nursery in Paris for your tiny tot and the perfect furnished apartment in Paris !


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