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A survival guide for staying in Paris as a foreigner

Maybe you’ve just moved to Paris or are about to become an expat, but here is the thing: there are many tips and hacks that the locals know and you don’t! Now, this is the moment when you start thinking “if only someone could give me some tips and tricks to fully enjoy my Parisian experience…”. It turns out that Lodgis can read minds (it’s not true, we aren’t magicians, don’t push it). Anyway, we’ve put together a survival guide that you will find very useful when you arrive. The ultimate survival guide for foreigners in Paris is right here!


Discover Belleville, an amazing neighborhood in Paris

Belleville is the neighborhood in Paris where you’ll make surprising discoveries

A lively and charming neighborhood, Belleville could be considered as the twin of Montmartre. Far from the bustle and noise of Belleville’s streets and the Boulevard de la Villette, you can set aside some down-time to relax on the Place Sainte Marthe’s terraces, treat yourself to a delicatessen’s charcuterie plate or enjoy a drink with friends at “La Sardine” bar.

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Paris’ forgotten train stations

Are you familiar with Paris’ forgotten train stations? These are former train stations that have been converted, which you may have visited without knowing or «invisible» stations that are part of the landscape but that you don’t see as they’re closed to the public… If you’d like to find out more, this is the article for you!