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décoration d'appartement parisien

Parisian apartments with the decor you’ve always dreamed of!

A traditional Parisian apartment is easily distinguished by the height of its ceilings, its wooden floors, its plaster moldings, its fireplace and stone façade. They can also be known for having a fashionable interior design and modern configuration. The kitchen can be open-plan, adjoined to the living room and fireplace, vamped-up with a glossy paint finish or be decorated in a colorful, eclectic way – not exactly what you’d expect from a typical Parisian apartment.

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How to find good wine in Paris and have it delivered to your doorstep

Enjoying good wine is an essential part of the Parisian experience. But how can you find good wine in Paris, if you don’t know anything about it? It can all seem a bit daunting when you are a long way from home and without any help. To try different wines, gather information and find some hidden gems, you’ll have to think outside the box and move away from the traditional wine trade.


5 must-see places in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city full of architectural and historical sites… and many Parisian squares are part of it’s cultural heritage!
The city of Paris, or the City of Light for those in the know, overflows with wonderful places and each is more beautiful than the last. You will find nearly 500 different places in Paris! Among these many Parisian places, you’ll find below Lodgis’ selection of the 5 places in Paris you should absolutely visit. You can’t miss these 5 places because they are well-known, both to Parisians and foreigners. Come and see for yourself, they are really worth seeing!


Explore Paris by boat!

Fancy exploring Paris in a far more interesting way than by metro or by bus? Then why not try the boat! This article will tell you more about this unusual mode of transport around Paris. Are you dreaming of standing up on the deck shouting “I’m the king of the world!” with your hair blowing in the wind and the stunning city of Paris in the background ? Or do you simply just want to see another side of Paris ? Well, this is the article for you! Here are two Parisian boats that will take you along the river Seine.