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How to find good wine in Paris and have it delivered to your doorstep

Enjoying good wine is an essential part of the Parisian experience. But how can you find good wine in Paris, if you don’t know anything about it? It can all seem a bit daunting when you are a long way from home and without any help. To try different wines, gather information and find some hidden gems, you’ll have to think outside the box and move away from the traditional wine trade.
This is why LesGrappes.com proposes a different way of learning about French wines! How? By trading directly with wine growers and producers and by developing a network of experts and wine enthusiasts … Here’s how:


dégustation vin à paris

LesGrappes.com: The Facebook of French wine

Whether you are living or staying in Paris, you cannot miss out on one of France’s greatest specialties: wine!

Given the vast number of labels, vintages and awards, choosing wine is often difficult. For beginners it can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Sometimes the advice we are given can also be difficult to follow. Also, wines that are found in traditional shops don’t accurately represent what is happening across France.

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Such observations inspired the creators of LesGrappes.com to create the first community market devoted to wine and join together customers and independent growers. Winemakers who can sell their products directly to their customers, for the first time, and are rated on the website.


Consumers can create a network through their contacts and friends and the experts and winemakers listed on the website to help others choose wine, with descriptions, comments and reviews.


LesGrappes.com enables anyone, whether novice or connoisseur, to discover and purchase great wines directly from independent winemakers, thanks to reliable reviews and recommendations from customers and experts on the website. What’s more, the wine is delivered to you free of charge!

Choose your wine wisely and get it delivered for free!

Purchasing your wine online couldn’t be easier; just visit www.lesgrappes.com and login.

A community of amateurs (anyone can join and invite other people) and wine experts (winemakers, sommeliers …) will help you select your wines and place your order. You can then choose your wine from amongst other vintages from the same area. The winemaker will then dispatch your order, which will be delivered for free within 72 hours.
All you have to do is enjoy your bottle of wine and share your feedback with the community on Lesgrappes.com!


French gastronomy would be nothing without its wine … especially when produced with timeless passion by small producers across France. Now you can enjoy your life in Paris and discover the delicious French wines, thanks to LesGrappes.com!
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