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How to learn French on a budget in Paris

You’ve just arrived in the apartment that you’ve rented in Paris, you don’t speak a word of French and you’re worried that this might be a problem during your stay in Paris? I’d advise that you take one of the municipal group classes offered by the Paris City Hall.

Each hall provides semester language courses (day/evening courses) in schools based in each district (arrondissement). But first you need to register on the following website: www.paris.fr/cma.


keep calm and speak french

The registration period begins in August for the first semester and in January for the second. Here are a few tips to help you with the registration request for the courses:

1. You need to create an online account: https://cma.paris.fr/Registration/SignIn

2.The price changes according to the courses you choose:


  • French for foreigners speaking a latin language 180h (yearly) 41€
  • French as foreign language for professional goals 45h (per semester) 90€
  • French as foreign language 60h (per semester) 131€


There are day time courses and evening courses available and the price doesn’t change according to the schedules you choose. Apply for the course that best suits your lifestyle in Paris and be aware that you can apply for a maximum of 3 courses only.

For further information about the classes, levels and prices, you can visit the website of Paris City Hall.
3. Once the registration period has ended, you’ll receive an e-mail with a response:


  • A positive response accepting your application
  • A negative response and reasons for refusal
  • Or you’ll be put on a waiting list

4. On the first day you’ll be asked to sit for placement level test. Then you’ll need:


  • The summon and the reply you received
  • A photo ID for getting in and out of the school
  • Cash or a check to pay for the course in full

In my opinion, municipal courses for adults offered by the Paris City Hall are a very attractive option as they are both affordable and flexible. They are ideal for students, tourists and expats who are staying or living in Paris.

Good luck!

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