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How to prepare for returning to Paris after living abroad?

You’re back from expatriation or you’re planning to return to your home country and and looking for an apartment in Paris? Moving back home after living overseas is not always easy. Either way, looking for accommodation when you’re so far away can easily become a nightmare. How to make your return/move as smooth as possible?

Lodgis assists you with your repatriation

A plane and some lugages symbolizing expatriation


As a specialist in Paris’furnished rentals, Lodgis can assist you with your apartment search if you need it. Why opt for a furnished apartment rental? Because finding accommodation, even if it’s temporary, will help you to resettle in Paris and  make the process of reintegration as smooth as possible!
You may need to quickly find a place to live upon your arrival: as your children go back to school or you return to work etc… There are many factors that you need to consider. In addition, you may have other constraints related to your return such as administrative deadlines.
When it comes to the location of your apartment/accommodation, you may also have some requirements (temporary or not). For instance, if you want it to be near a particular place (school, work, friends’ or relatives’ house…). Furnished rentals give you more freedom of choice. You’ll enjoy a fully serviced furnished apartment during the period of your resettlement and readjustment. It is an option worth considering in your situation. Admittedly, it is a temporary solution but it will be a huge relief finding accommodation in such a short space of time.
Lodgis offers all kinds of different apartment, from studios to 5+bedroom apartments in all of Paris’ arrondissements (districts) and neighborhoods. You can find accommodation in Paris or its surrounding region, whether it is for a short-term period (a week) or a long-term period (several years).

Getting in touch with Lodgis: practical information

For further information, please feel free to contact our reservation service:
– By phone: +33 (0)1 70 39 11 11
– By online form: Booking form
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We can also assist you with the sale process if you’re willing to buy an apartment (home ownership). As for our furnished apartment rentals, we have a wide range of property types for sale: studios, duplexes, triplexes and even houses. It’s up to you!
Contact our customer care (after-sales) service:
– By phone: +33 (0)1 73 01 81 29
– Via the online form: Form
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Readjusting to life in Paris

Returning after an expatriation is never easy because it includes readjusting to Paris’ pace, lifestyle and culture. This is why we have some practical advice to help you readjusting smoothly.
Taking the time to recharge your batteries is a priority when returning from abroad, hence the fact that a little bit of nature and peace are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to take a trip to Giverny offering an exceptional scenery totally disconnected from reality.
Discover Paris, whether if it’s through hidden places, new bars and restaurants or entertaining events, you have many options surrounding you. Paris keeps reinventing itself, the new eco-friendly futuristic projects and concepts flourishing in the region are here to confirm it.
Cultivate your passions and express your feelings through your favorite activities. Paris is a city of art’s lovers, under all its conceivable and most extravagant forms, giving you the opportunity to focus on the most essential: your inner-self.
We hope you enjoyed reading this post and we wish you a pleasant return to Paris!