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Desert in the city, Paris like you’ve never seen it before!

Desert in the city is an art project run by the photographer Genaro Bardy .
He photographed New York’s empty streets, taking some extraordinary shots of the city just before Hurricane Irene. What he produced was a stunning set of photos of an uninhabited Manhattan. He has taken the opportunity to photograph London and, most recently, Paris without tourists, cars, inhabitants… a completely silent city.

place de Parking à paris

5 good reasons to book a parking space in Paris in advance

Whether you’re staying in Paris for a short, medium or long trip, you’ll certainly need to find a parking space if you’re coming by car. However, parking spaces in the capital are difficult to come by and expensive! The most practical way round this problem is to book your parking space online in advance. Lodgis explains the 5 reasons that make booking your parking space in advance advisable!.


Rent an apartment in Paris without a payslip!

Many people are familiar with the long process of dealing with the following. Have been offered a coveted permanent (CDI) or fixed-term (CDD) contract for a job based in Paris, they then have to find accommodation for a trial period. This can mean doing so without those famous 3 most recent payslips and uncertain as to whether their positions will be confirmed after those 2-6 fateful months. This meant that renting for a month was the best solution.