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Moving to Paris

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Top 10 des applications mobiles pratiques à Paris  Partie 2

Top 10 Apps for living in Paris – Part 2

More and more apps are available on our smartphones to make our daily lives easier, so why not make the most of this while staying in Paris? Route planners, news, real-time traffic updates, tips on what’s on in Paris … there are an astronomical number of apps that can help you! Here are our top 10 apps to help make your life in Paris stress-free.

quel quartier pour vivre à paris avec enfants

Which neighborhoods in Paris are suitable for families?

Finding accommodation in Paris is not easy, but finding the right neighborhood to live in is even harder when you have a family! With many different kinds of neighborhood, you’ll find varying environments and lifestyles across Paris. Unless you already know where you’ll be living (close to work, school, relatives), here is a selection of the best neighborhoods to live with your family in Paris.

vue panoramique de Paris

Students: Where is the best area to live in Paris?

Finding accommodation in Paris can be very challenging as a student … but choosing the right area to live in is even harder! Indeed, Paris is a great city full of neighborhoods and districts with very different feels. We are going to focus on two areas that have always appealed to students hoping to live in Paris: the Latin Quarter and République- Bastille.


Rent an apartment in Paris without a payslip!

Many people are familiar with the long process of dealing with the following. Have been offered a coveted permanent (CDI) or fixed-term (CDD) contract for a job based in Paris, they then have to find accommodation for a trial period. This can mean doing so without those famous 3 most recent payslips and uncertain as to whether their positions will be confirmed after those 2-6 fateful months. This meant that renting for a month was the best solution.


Stay or live in Paris, but don’t forget the most important thing: you!

It was once a dream, but now it’s becoming a reality: you’re finally moving to Paris! Exciting experiences and opportunities undoubtedly lie ahead. But to get the most out of your time in Paris and have a stress-free time, you need to plan ahead – and this includes thinking about your health. To avoid spoiling your time in Paris, it is vital that you make the necessary insurance arrangements in advance.

studios for Students in paris

Students: how to find accommodation in Paris?

Are you going to pursue your studies in Paris, maybe at a university or as part of the Erasmus scheme or a student exchange? The first thing you need to do is find accommodation, which is easier said than done! Accommodation in Paris is expensive and student housing is limited.
Even if renting a furnished studio seems to be the best option, we can give you some alternatives to help you find a place that best suits your budget and needs!