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Our selection of Paris’ best concept stores

Over the last couple of years, concept stores have been booming in Paris. They are always original and attract visitors looking for unique stores in the hidden streets of the capital. Lodgis has made a list of the “must-see” concept stores in Paris. If you want to know the best places to go, this selection of best Parisian concept-stores is just what you need!


1. Colette: the innovative one

Hurry to the best concept store in Paris before it closes in December 2017! Colette first made its mark on history 20 years ago. During this time, this concept store never stopped reinventing itself and keeping up with new trends by following its motto: “style design art food”.
The basement is dedicated to the one and only Water Bar in Paris where you can have lunch and sip any of the 85 mineral waters on the menu. The ground floor is a chic space with limited edition pieces such as T-shirts, sneakers, watches, accessories, books and hi-tech products. It’s also impossible to miss the stunning shop window that changes every week. This is also where you can find the “lucky dips”, little bags full of surprise goodies costing only 20€. The first floor offers a whole selection of jewelry, women’s ready-to-wear clothing and modern art.
Colette’s official website
Address: 213 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris.

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colette - Paris

colette – Paris


2. Leclaireur: the anti-conformist

This Parisian concept store is always a step ahead. Its founder, Armand Habida, has said that he never goes to fashion shows and doesn’t follow the trends, could this be the secret of his avant-gardism? Some will tell you that his pieces are surprising and that you have to be audacious to wear them, but others believe that this is a selection made by a real fashion lover and that everything in this concept store has a soul. Each one of Armand Habida’s stores is worth the trip because of their creative and beautiful layout. Leclaireur doesn’t dictate any sort of lifestyle, but encourages people to be free-spirited and open-minded. Whether you are a fashion and design fan or simply want to stretch your limits, the Leclaireur concept store is a name you should remember.
Leclaireur’s official website
Address: Several addresses in Paris


Eclaireur - Paris

Eclaireur – Paris


3. Empreintes: the artsy one

More than 1000 limited edition creative items decorate the shelves of this concept store dedicated to art.
Several areas show the wide variety of different objects available to buy here. This store attracts collectors and enthusiasts alike with its cafe, library and projection room at this 600m2 sunbathed concept store.
Empreintes’ official website
Address: 5 rue de Picardie, 75003 Paris.


Empreintes - Paris

Empreintes – Paris


4. Merci: the altruistic one

This concept store represents a real living space, with its literary cafe, flower shop, fashion and accessories featured in an exceptional 1500m2 setting.
According to the founder, Marie-France Cohen, the goal is to create a warm, welcoming place with things that are both beautiful and useful. The authenticity of this concept store shines through.
Moreover, the profits from this concept-store are given to charities to help women and children in Madagascar, a country to which the founder is extremely attached.
Merci’s official website
Address: 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris.


Merci, Paris

Merci, Paris


5. Blou: the colorful one

Looking for flamboyant clothing and artistic decor? You can find it at Blou, the concept store with 3 branches in the 17th arrondissement.
Created by 2 design lovers, the shop is arranged as an apartment that has everything to delight the visitors. Its layout constantly changes, following new ideas and discoveries, to ensure that each visitor has a unique experience. Although Blou is constantly reinventing itself, its flamboyant personality remains no matter what.
Blou’s official website
Address: Several addresses in the 17th arrondissement of Paris


blou - Paris

blou – Paris

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