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Rent an apartment in Paris for a few weeks or months without a payslip!

Many people are familiar with the long process of dealing with the following. Have been offered a coveted permanent (CDI) or fixed-term (CDD) contract for a job based in Paris, they then have to find accommodation for a trial period. This can mean doing so without those famous «3 most recent payslips» and uncertain as to whether their positions will be confirmed after those 2-6 fateful months.
Samuel, a young graduate from the University of Bordeaux, was hired on a permanent contract by start-up in Paris. But for this 31-year-old searching for an apartment was more difficult that finding the job of his dreams.
« As a job seeker, I was adventurous as I looked for a job a long way from my home town…but I never imagined that I’d find myself starting work at J-15 without somewhere to live ».

« I became a tenant during a trial period without needing pay slips »

« As a student, I did lots of house shares but it’s time for me to move on – I want my own apartment, my own space and privacy…my years of house sharing remind me of being a student.
«A friend of mine, who had just spent a week in New York, explained how she had rented an apartment for her stay. The penny dropped. I decided that this was an option worth exploring and much simpler than trying to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment with a long lease. So I decided I would rent a fully furnished apartment as soon as possible in the area of my choice for a few weeks!»
« The best way to work out whether you should prioritize proximity to the workplace or being in a particular area when you come to live in Paris for the first time is by getting a short-term rental in a fully furnished apartment».
Lodgis doesn’t just cater for tourists coming to Paris; it’s the answer for people like Samuel, who need to rent an affordable apartment in Paris for a few weeks without a fixed-term contract, payslips or guarantees!
An example of an apartment suitable for traveling professionals and those moving to the capital:
Furnished Studio – Rue des Prairies, Paris 20th

Pictures of furnished apartment rentals in Paris by Lodgis

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