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Rent call and rent receipt: what is it?

You wonder what is the difference between the rent call and the rent receipt? How does it work? Lodgis clarifies it for you.

The rent call with Lodgis

It is a mechanism through which you get a notification reminding you that you have to pay your rent (all tax included) before the 1st of the upcoming month.
At Lodgis, we send you an e-mail in English, allowing you not to forget your next payment. Please note that no extension is granted and that you have two ways to pay your rent:
– you can transfer your payment to the owner or,
– you can send it to Lodgis.

The rent call with the owner

In general, the owners don’t proceed to any rent call. However, it is more a general practice than a real established regulation.
Indeed, if you want the owner of your accommodation to send you a monthly rent call, you could totally ask him to.

The rent receipt with Lodgis

The rent receipt is a proof of payment. In other words, once you’ve paid your monthly rent, you will receive a rent receipt certifying that you don’t have any debt.
Lodgis sends you the rent receipt one month after your payment. Please note that in France, a simple bill represents an official proof of payment.

The rent receipt with the owner

If you pay the rent directly to your owner, please note that he is required by lax to write and send you the rent receipt.
Moreover, he will send you the rent receipt directly after receiving your payment. Thus, there is no waiting period. This document is written by the owner himself.
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