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Rent with Lodgis during De-Confinement

Phase 1 of de-confinement in France starts TODAY but, as we know, there will continue to be some restrictions in terms of what will be open, which spaces we can begin to occupy, and how much we can move around. So what does Phase 1 mean and how does it affect my plans to move to Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, or Lyon? For those of you who are planning to move to Paris withing the coming months, whether it’s for a new job, an internship, the 2020/2021 school year, or any other reason, reserving the apartment that you want with Lodgis NOW is the best plan.
According to the press conference held by the Prime Minister of France on Thursday, May 7th, that grand majority of French Departments and Territories have seen an acceptable decrease in the number of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, and are ready to begin the process of reopening non-essential businesses and schools. These departments are represented on a map of France in the color green. However, the Northeastern portion of France, including the region of Île-de-France and the city of Paris, are categorized as red, meaning that these areas must de-confine slower in order to continue to fight the spread of the virus.

Lodgis has the best choice at the best price

The Lodgis team has continued working from home during the entire confinement period and are still available to help you with all of your furnished rental needs, especially during this period of de-confinement. As a result of the practically global confinement, Lodgis has a large number of available furnished apartments that will be perfect for your projects here in France. And to make things even better for you, Lodgis has certain apartments that are labeled “no agency fees”, which are apartments that we will rent to you for 0€ in agency fees! And for the apartments that still have agencies fees, Lodgis has the lowest fees in the market with fees (visit, constitution of the file and drafting of lease) corresponding to 15% TTC of the total rent to which are added 30 € TTC of administrative costs. This total amount being capped at 15 € TTC / m² (12 € TTC / m² for main residences), to which 3 € TTC / m² can be added for the establishment of the inventory. So feel free to browse all of our available apartments to find the one that’s right for you by clicking HERE!
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This apartment is available now! Click HERE for more information! And the best part? No agency fees!

Lodgis has the safest reservation system

So what do you do once you’ve found the apartment you want? How do you visit the apartment and make the reservation during this period where we are still advised to proceed with all caution for our safety? Lodgis has made the process of visiting and reserving your apartment as safe and easy as possible by offering multiple no-contact options such as:

  • Apartments that offer 3D virtual tours
  • Guided E-Visits of the apartment with your Lodgis Agent
  • No-Contact Online Reservations
    Need more information? Click HERE for our list of Covid-19 FAQs.

    How to move safely into my new Lodgis Apartment?

    Lodgis has changed the way we handle your move in order to make sure that the health and safety of everyone involved is protected. Here is the move in process to follow during de-confinement:
    Tenant Responsabilities

  • The owner may not accompany the tenant into the premises.
  • The owner can only hand over the keys and sign the pre-written “state of the premises” document.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary movements as much as possible, we suggest that you organize the meeting in a space that you have already mutually agreed upon.
  • Don’t forget to bring your hand sanitizer.
  • Bring a pen to sign the lease and the “state of the premises” document.
  • Once you have received the keys, you have 10 days to indicate any necessary changes in the “state of the premises” move-in document.
  • Wash your hands after this process and exchange.
    Need more information? Click HERE for Lodgis’ Covid-19 FAQs.

    Are you looking for an apartment in Paris?

    Lodgis offers a fabulous selection of furnished apartments for rent. We offer over 7,500 properties, from studio to family apartments with period features, spacious dining and living areas, terraces, elevator access…and just about anything!

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