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The Paris Quartier d’été Festival

What can you do on a budget in Paris once the sales are over? Enjoy the events put on at the Paris Quartier d’été festival for its 26th year. It’s an international festival that enables you to travel and enjoy musical and traditional shows.

1/A show to be enjoyed by young and old

Here’s a show that’s worth the journey! Former juggler, Aurélien Bory, has decided to put on a show that compares the human fitness to the strength of a robot. For just over an hour the audience can admire the technical and artistic prowess of two acrobats but also that of a fiendish machine.

The amusing show makes a serious point in showing that machines/robots are so present in our lives that they’re becoming increasingly human-like.

Here are a few words from the producer. « With Sans Objet I wanted to bring an industrial robot onstage that had the capacity to move props around as well as the actors. The machine becomes an invividual character of its own. We use it as a puppet that’s 100% technology in its dialogue with an ordinary modern man ».

2/So what’s the link between sheet folding and dancing? Come to the show, Origami, to find out!

Satchie Noro and Sylvain Ohl both have a somewhat strange obsession with containers, but we don’t juge people for their passions, do we?

They’ve also collaborated to create a show, which involves acrobats on wires connected to containers that are moved around. The idea is simple! The show «Origami» is all about changing the shape of a large object through the art of folding. In this instance, the object is a container that needs to be opened into several parts and replaced in a way that creates a new life for itself.

A totally original show in France to see as soon as possible. Running from July 26th-30th and from August 7th-8th 2015. Free admission with a performance time of 30 minutes.

3/A journey around the world courtesy of Leyla Mc Calla

The former violinist of The Carolina Chocolate Drops, a American string-band that won a Grammy Award in 2010.

Leyla Mc Calla has decided decided to retrace her Cajun and Creole origins. She’s also begun a carreer as a solo artist and travels around the world for people to discover her universe. Aged 28, she has already released a new album that mixes different realms, such as rhythms, instruments and languages.
According to her, you need to change directions to progress in the music industry, but that’s also true of many professions!
«I knew that I had to leave New York. It has changed my life. I’ve become more creative and my perspective of music has changed too». Leyla Mc Calla
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