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How to celebrate your first Valentine’s day in Paris ?

How to celebrate your first Valentine’s day in Paris ?
You just settled down in Paris and Valentine’s day is just around the corner ? Don’t panic ! We’ve prepared a romantic Valentine’s day in the world’s capital of love, just for you. Ready for this new chapter? This blog post is just for you !


Valentine’s day or the art of surprising your other half !

If for some people, red is the color of passion, emotions and feelings, for others it represents the color of gifts ! Indeed, surprising your partner is the very basis of a successfull Valentine’s day. That’s why, we recommend that you start by waking up your sweetheart with a breakfast booked at Ladurée, for a sweet morning in one of the most appreciated French salons.

Macarons from Ladurée

Photo: Macarons from Ladurée



In Paris we say «Je t’aime»… but we also write it !

On Valentine’s day what is better than a «je t’aime» ? And why not more than one? The «wall of love» is a famous attraction amongst Parisians yet unknown to tourists. Still under the theme of the surprise, you will defy all the touristic clichés by going to a very intimate and secretive place where lovers engraved their feelings forever in the heart of Paris !


Love is timeless: so is Paris !

Does a lovers’ lunch in the old Paris sound interesting ? Head to Montmartre where the old Paris and a huge number of restaurants to choose from.
Discover the small boutiques, cafés, the houses of renowned artists, the painters’ corner and take the time to choose the perfect restaurant for your Valentines’ lunch, while getting lost in the old little streets of Paris. And why not enjoy the view of Paris from the Sacré Coeur ?

Romantic furnished apartment in montmartre

Furnished rental in Montmartre


For those who would like to live a romantic and artistic bohème life. Go check our appartments in Montmartre !



A moment of relaxation and intimacy for a beautiful Valentine’s day

If Paris is the city that never sleeps, then start your Parisian life with baby steps. The Sultane de Saba spa welcomes you in an underground hammam/spa where professional masseurs will take care of you. A little session of relaxation is included in the packages specially created for couples willing to unwind, even for a little moment.


A frenchy walk for Valentine’s day !

Head to Pont de Grenelle to have an amazing view of Paris from the heart of La Seine, in the intimacy of a park where some rays of sun will shine on your path. You just need to keep going straight to arrive at the bridge that astonished the entire world in the movie «Inception».
Then, you will cross the walk of the Seine docks and you will reach the Eiffel tower just in time to see it sparkle (at every sharp hour starting from the sunset). Finally, for more enchantment keep walking until the Trocadéro ! And for those who would like to end their romantic walk with an amazing sunset, check out our top of spots in Paris to enjoy a sunset.
sparkling eiffel tower


The day is over but Paris stays awake !

It is time to end your walk on one of the most beautiful avenues in the world: The Champs-Elysées! Luxury boutiques, lights and restaurants. A real Parisian can’t get enough of it ! It is dinner time and has the song says «Il y a tout ce que vous voudrez aux Champs-Elysées» (there is everything you’d want in the Champs-Elysées»!
For those who would like to have their Valentines’ dinner away from the touristic neighborhoods, here is our coup de cœur:

l’Atelier Rodier

An absolute must – serves refined and sophisticated dishes with a hint of the exotic, a real flavor explosion!.

Atelier Rodier

Photo: Atelier Rodier.


You would like to extend your romantic experience in the city of Light ? Check out our apartments with a view of Paris !



We wish you an amazing Valentine’s day in Paris!

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