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Top 5 best restaurants in Toulouse

The capital of the Haute-Garonne department in the South-West of France, Toulouse is the fourth most populated city in France and is also one of the most touristic. As such an exciting place to visit, the ‘pink city’ has many great attractions and restaurants. There...


Where to live in Toulouse

Toulouse is a vibrant city on the Garonne in the south-west of France. Nicknamed ‘La Ville Rose’ (the pink city) due to the distinctive clay bricks used for much of the city’s architecture, Toulouse is a beautiful place to live for families, students and professionals....

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Visit Toulouse: Top 5 best activities

Toulouse is beautiful city found in South-West France near the border with Spain. It is nicknamed ‘La Ville Rose’ (the pink city) due to the clay bricks that make up most of its buildings and make it an extremely picturesque city to visit. The city...

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Discover Toulouse

Toulouse is one of France’s biggest cities and has a long history. Nowadays, Toulouse is going through a boom both economically and demographically so it represents an up-and-coming city in the South of France. Lodgis, the furnished rental specialist, has opened up its services to...