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5 reasons why you should hire a van privately when you move home!

Once they’ve found their their cosy new home in Paris, everyone knows this is the right time to make budgeting plans to move as cheaply as possible. Whether this means moving furniture, doing some refurbishment or going to a big Swedish shop to make some purchases, renting a van can prove to be extremely expensive. Lodgis explains everything!
So today we’d like to tell you about the option of renting a van privately which is a perfect solution for 5 key reasons…

It’s cheap

Renting your vehicle privately is 30-40% cheaper than from a traditional hire company. You can book a pick-up trick, a van, minivan and almost any vehicle for as little as a day or as long as a month. This doesn’t mean compromising on quality; quite the opposite! Based on the reviews from previous customers, you’ll know exactly what kind of vehicle you’re getting.
There are also several search filters that allow you to choose the features you want in your vehicle: GPS, smoking/non-smoking, animal-friendly…It’s all designed to cater for your individual needs.

It’s simple and 100% protected

Are you over 21, have you had a French driving licence for 2 years and have a bank account and checkbook in your name? Then you can sign up for free on the website www.ouicar.fr and, in just a few clicks, Bob’s your Uncle: you can rent a nearby vehicle! Comprehensive insurance from Generali will have you fully covered to that you can move around without having to worry.

It’s nearby

Using ouicar.fr, it’s possible to pick up a car right on your street corner. Forget about those roundtrip journeys to train stations, airports and to the outskirts of Paris; from now on you can borrow the van that’s situated closest to where you live! Renting a car has never been easier!

It’s flexible

We usually know when the process of moving home will begin, but rarely do we know when it will end, even when we’re shopping for furniture. But when you rent a vehicle privately, there’s no stress about returning it: you meet with the owner personally. Sunday? Bank holiday? Late at night? From now on that’s all going to be possible! Your friends will no longer have any excuse for not helping you move and you’ll easily be able to work around their schedules!

It’s friendly!

Need advice on moving house or using a van? The owner will be able to share their experience with you. They’ll all be able to offer you equipment for removals: straps, trolleys…Renting a vehicle from nearby also allows you to make new friends in the neighborhood. Combine business with pleasure by hiring a reliable vehicle from your neighbor!
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