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5 things that make Parisian life easier

Hello everybody, my name is Chiara. I am a rental consultant at Lodgis and I am from Italy. I have been living in Paris for 4 years and now consider myself a real Parisian girl!
Let’s be honest, life in Paris isn’t always easy: Parisians are often grumpy, they’re not that polite on the metro and the weather sucks! Poor them! I really shouldn’t be complaining about Parisians because, after all, I am one of them now.
So, here are a few examples of services, events and attractions that will make your day-to-day life in Paris better.

The River Seine

Parisians love this river, and it’s no wonder why. You can walk along the banks with your sweetheart in evenings and admire the city lights reflected onto the water; you can sip at a glass of red wine with your friends during “apero” time, or work-out there on a Sunday morning.

Public parks

How many cities has 16 public parks available to their citizens? One of the most popular activities amongst Parisians in the summer time is often a long picnic. If you want to be a real Parisian, BYOB (bring your own baguette).
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Paris boasts the best-looking firefighters in the world. If you want to meet them, don’t miss the Fireman’s ball on July 14th!

Pompiers parisiens

Bastille Day

On the 14th July, which is usually on a hot, sunny day, military parades and airshows are held all day long. In the afternoon, French troops show off the great French artillery at the Invalides. This day usually ends with a magnificent fireworks display at Trocadero.

Sport events

Whatever the season,  whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, it’s always a good time to play sport in Paris!
I discovered this kind of boot camp 2 years ago, which not only allows you to enjoy the beauty of Paris whilst working out, but also makes helps you make new friends: Urban Challenge
Only have one day to discover Paris? Okay, I’ve got the solution. Are you ready to run 42km across the city’s most beautiful sites? Applications for the Paris Marathon 2017 are now open…. Learn more about the Paris Marathon (the race, practical information, registration…).

Marathon de Paris
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