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Author: Lorena

métro parisien

North-South journey across Paris on the metro’s line 4

Line 4 of the Paris metro is 12.1km long and stops at 27 different stations. It crosses Paris lengthwise, traveling North-South from the flea markets of Clignancourt to clocktower of Montrouge. The line connects, at various points, to all of the city’s metro lines (except for the short feeder lines 3bis and 7bis). Taking the metro during your time in Paris is a wonderful way to discover the city. Here are some suggestions of stations to visit:

décoration d'appartement parisien

Parisian apartments with the decor you’ve always dreamed of!

A traditional Parisian apartment is easily distinguished by the height of its ceilings, its wooden floors, its plaster moldings, its fireplace and stone façade. They can also be known for having a fashionable interior design and modern configuration. The kitchen can be open-plan, adjoined to the living room and fireplace, vamped-up with a glossy paint finish or be decorated in a colorful, eclectic way – not exactly what you’d expect from a typical Parisian apartment.


Rent an apartment in Paris without a payslip!

Many people are familiar with the long process of dealing with the following. Have been offered a coveted permanent (CDI) or fixed-term (CDD) contract for a job based in Paris, they then have to find accommodation for a trial period. This can mean doing so without those famous 3 most recent payslips and uncertain as to whether their positions will be confirmed after those 2-6 fateful months. This meant that renting for a month was the best solution.