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Author: Lorena


Markets in Paris: from the 11th – 20th arrondissement ­

After a busy day of tours and excursions, enjoy being in the comfort of your apartment and using your kitchen to make a meal with French meat, fish, cheese, and seasonal vegetables. In Paris there are markets for all tastes (covered, outdoor, organic, flower, book and flea markets). Visiting the markets in Paris during your stay is undoubtedly the best way to save money and sample high-quality produce! Here is the Lodgis list of markets in Paris from the 11th to 20th arrondissements.


Desert in the city, Paris like you’ve never seen it before!

Desert in the city is an art project run by the photographer Genaro Bardy .
He photographed New York’s empty streets, taking some extraordinary shots of the city just before Hurricane Irene. What he produced was a stunning set of photos of an uninhabited Manhattan. He has taken the opportunity to photograph London and, most recently, Paris without tourists, cars, inhabitants… a completely silent city.


Paris with Children, our Tips for a Successful Trip!

Just because you’re traveling with kids doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Be careful not to over pack your schedule though!
With so much to do and see, it goes without saying that Paris cannot be visited just once! You won’t get to see everything on your first visit, especially when you’re with the kids. Your main goal should be to have fun and make your kids want to come back.