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Four Paris parks will stay open all night!

You may have experienced it for yourself, or just seen it on TV: a barmy climate hit Paris in July 2015. The temperatures broke some records (39,7°C), so Paris city decided to react.

Paris parks open all night long?

A Paris park, open all the night

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The city found out that, in Paris parks, the temperature can be 3 to 4 degrees lower than the temperature in the city. During the night, temperatures can drop a little, but not as much as during a heat wave. So, a 3 or 4 degree drop is welcomed, and Parisians are desperate to feel fresh.

Four Paris parks will stay open all night

4 Paris parks (open all the night)There are numerous parks in Paris. The problem is that they all close early (8PM or 10PM generally). This is far too early to get some fresh air. That’s why the City of Paris has decided to listen to its people and open some parks all night long: this measure, which was applied during the dog days, will continue… all Summer ! Until the end of August, you’ll be able to enjoy 4 Paris parks throughout the night.

These 4 parks are :

When this period ends, the City of Paris has promised to consider opening more of its parks at night, not only the four we have mentioned. Wait & See. For more information about this period, click here. Tourists, or anyone visting or staying in Paris this summer, there’s no need to worry… Don’t be afraid of the heat wave. If it’s getting too hot, you can lie/sleep under the stars… Great, isn’t it?
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