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Tenants: how to terminate a furnished rental contract

Maybe it’s approaching the end of your time in Paris, or perhaps you’re looking to size up, buy your own place, or move in with somebody else… Whatever the reason, there’s bound to be a time when you need to terminate your furnished rental contract, and although we’ll be sad to see you go, we’ve got some advice on how to go about it:

Step 1: Identify your type of contract

At Lodgis, we offer three types of furnished rental contract: the Primary Residence lease, the Secondary Residence lease and the new short-term Mobility Lease (or Bail Mobilité). You’ll want to take a look at your documents to find out which lease you have for your rental property – it will affect how you should go about terminating it.

Step 2: Work out your notice period

The good news is that most of the time it’s pretty simple to terminate one of our contracts.

Primary Residence

If the accommodation is your primary residence, usually you will have a year long contract that renews annually. As a tenant, you can give one month’s notice to the landlord at any time if you want to move out; you don’t need to wait until the contract is due to renew. If you have the nine month student version, your rental agreement will not renew automatically, so you can either wait until the lease ends on its own, or you can move out at any time with one month’s notice.

Mobility Lease

This new short-term furnished rental contract lasts between one and ten months, and goes from one fixed date to another. It will end automatically, so there’s usually no need to do anything; just make sure you’re out on the morning that the lease ends. If you want to end the tenancy early, you can do so at any time with one month’s notice to the landlord.

Secondary Residence

This contract also goes from one fixed date to another. Usually there’s no need to do anything as the contract will end on the agreed end of tenancy date. However, if you want to move out before this, and your contract is longer than three months, Lodgis allows you to do so at any time with one month’s notice.
Note that not all agencies will allow you to do this: if you are not renting with Lodgis then it’s possible that you will have to pay the rent for the property until the end of the tenancy, unless or until another tenant is found to move in to the apartment. Otherwise, there might be an early termination clause in the rental agreement that would allow for the tenant or landlord to end the lease with the agreed notice.

Step 3: Cancel the contract

You need to send a tracked letter to the landlord (to avoid disputes over whether it was received). Your notice needs to be clear and timely, but you don’t need to provide a reason.
Hopefully this has helped you in the process of terminating your rental contract, but don’t forget that the Lodgis advisors are always on hand if you need any advice. Similarly, if you find yourself in a position where you’re unsure about a notice that the landlord has given you to move out, get in touch to find out more about what is legal from the landlords’ side.

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