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Locked out? No need to panic!

Losing your keys, more than being annoying, can cost you a pretty penny. What to do in such a situation? No need to panic– here’s our advice in case of lost keys.

What to do if you’ve forgotten your keys inside?

If you find yourself locked out during the day, Monday to Friday, the first thing to do would be to call Lodgis. They will call you a locksmith or, if they have a duplicate key, you can pass by and pick it up, although we advise you take precautions to avoid having to do this.

  • You can equally call a partner or flatmate if you have one
  • It is a good idea to entrust a spare key with a partner, friend or neighbour you trust.

  • If it’s the weekend and you haven’t entrust a spare key with a friend, you will need to call a locksmith. You will need to cover the costs yourself but it’s better than being locked out! Watch out for scams, and only use trusted locksmiths you find on the internet.
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    What to do if you’ve lost your keys?

    You’re getting ready to go and can’t find your keys? Before panicking, look all around you. Check in all your pockets, bags, your desk, check they’re not still in the lock on the front door, ask your flatmate / children etc. Keep a cool head! By staying calm you will have more chance of finding your keys. If you don’t end up finding them you will need to have them re-fabricated with the help of a locksmith.

    If you’re locked out because you’ve lost your keys, try and remember everywhere you’ve been and, if necessary, retrace your steps while looking all around. If you’re unlucky and don’t find them you will need to inform your insurer and landlord. If the key also gives you access to the apartment block, these locks may need to be changed too. In this case, all the locks are affected, and the cost can get quite high. Your landlord reserves the right to use your deposit to cover these costs.

    It is possible that you have multi-risk home insurance which covers lost keys. In this case, it is advised you call your insurer or the insurers helpline. They will open your door for you and send the bill straight to the insurer. Be aware that, depending on your insurance cover, you may need to cover part of the total cost.

    What to do in case of theft of keys?

    In the case of theft it is essential to change your lock system, even more so if your keys carry a tag with your name and address. In the 24 hours following the theft, report the theft to the closest police station, Do the same with your insurance, and provide them with a copy of the police report, who will cover the cost of changing the lock system. Some insurers also offer an option to cover the cost of an emergency key, granting you access to your property.

    Some advice

    • Entrust a key to a friend.
    • Never mark your keys with your name or address.
    • Choose the insurance that covers the most eventualities, just in case!

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