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This week Museum Week takes place on Twitter! It’s a global digital explosion involving more than 2000 museums in sixty different countries. From Monday the 23rd of March until Sunday the 29th of March 2015, #MuseumWeek will aim to help the young digital generation discover works of art.
A museum on Twitter, pretty original right? In fact, beyond the «discovery» aspect, #MuseumWeek so that participating museums could gain more of a following on social networks and therefore get more members to subscribe to their news throughout the year.
Paris and its museums are omnipresent during this event because more than 60 of them take part in #MuseumWeek! This includes some of biggest like the centre Abbé-Pierre Emmaus, la Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France), the Pompidou Center and even the musée du Louvre but also some more unusual museums, such as the musée des Poupées et des Nounours (Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears) and the musée du liège et du bouchon (the Cork Museum).
The week is organized by a set of themes that change each day. Here’s the programme!


Don’t museums keep their best secrets well-hidden? A unicorn painting inspired by a drawing of a puppy, a museum that fills up and the end of the months when it sells honey and even hidden portraits. What better way to begin that by discovering these treasures!
On Monday the 23rd of March 2015, find the secrets of art on Twitter under hashtag #secretsMW!


Photo archives, key moments,…on the 24th of March 2015 the museums will honour the great exhibitions and events that have marked their history.

You can find all these important events under hashtag #souvenirsMW


On Wednesday the 25th of March you can discover the hidden face of museums: architectural riches, gardens, etc…

On Twitter under hashtag #architectureMW!


Today (Thursday 26th March 2015) is dedicated to sharing creativity! Under the hashtag #inspirationMW …


Before the weekend you can prepare for the two days off! Find all the advice and information for family visits on Twitter under hashtag #familyMW.


This day is dedicated to our favourite things, all that is irresistible….On Vine or on Twitter it’s a good source of inspiration for finding the best current exhibitions to go to. Under hashtag #favMW


The week ends with Sunday the 29th of March 2015 dedicated to selfies. You should need to visit the museums, get out your smartphone, pose in front of a work of art and send it on Twitter under hashtag #poseMW
Whether you’re digitally adept or not, Museum Week unites internet users from across the world all through the same theme: culture . Museums open their doors to you from thousands of miles away! But if you happen to be in Paris, whether it’s for a few days or a couple of weeks, make the most of it by visiting one of the city’s many museums!