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Parisian apartments with the decor you’ve always dreamed of!

A traditional Parisian apartment is easily distinguished by the height of its ceilings, its wooden floors, its plaster moldings, its fireplace and stone façade. They can also be known for having a fashionable interior design and modern configuration. The kitchen can be open-plan, adjoined to the living room and fireplace, vamped-up with a glossy paint finish or be decorated in a colorful, eclectic way – not exactly what you’d expect from a typical Parisian apartment.

Typically Parisian apartments for families

The typically Parisian apartments that are most popular with families offer a lot of space and a comfortable living space. Indeed, if during the week days work, school and extracurricular activities means you’re always running everywhere, then the weekend and vacations are the ideal moment to recharge your batteries with your family!
Lodgis has families in mind, which is why we have an entire range of furnished rentals located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, which is renowned for its peaceful environment and its famous gardens and parcs; but also in Paris’ 12th arrondissement, which is one of the greenest areas of the Capital!

Combining typical and functional for hard-working professionals

If you’re looking for something authentic, then renting an apartment away from the tourist hot spots in a lively Parisian neighborhood is definitely the way to go!
After a long day at work, coming back to a calm, practical and comfortable home is pure bliss. This is why we recommend that you rent a contemporary and zen Parisien apartment… the perfect choice for those who need to relax after a long day of hard work!
Not only are our dedicated advisers here to simplify your search for an apartment in Paris, but we also have an entire range of furnished apartments for your particular needs!

A unique experience for your first time?

If you’re dreaming of an authentic Parisian experience, renting a typical Parisian apartment in a period building is the first step!
However, it’s not just about renting an apartment, there are other criteria to give your experience this typically Parisian touch: the atmosphere, the neighborhood, the smell of coffee and hot croissants in the morning. Aren’t joie de vivre and typical small Parisien streets what you’ve always dreamed of?
You could decide to live in a beautiful furnished apartment located in Paris’ 5th arrondissement, full of small winding streets and hidden treasures. Or you could turn try a furnished rental with a stunning terrace or a view of the entire city. Don’t miss out on these small details that will make your life in Paris a completely unforgettable experience!
Classical, art deco, retro, modern, minimalist, zen, romantic… Paris is full of possibilities!
Do you know what else is typically Parisian? Mystery! Don’t hesitate to come and discover Underground Paris!