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The best apps for eating whatever you like without having to move

Is the fridge empty of full of frozen food that doesn’t like very nice? Haven’t got the time or don’t fancy cooking? Got a last-minute dinner guest? Keep your feet warm and enjoy eating dishes of your choosing without having to go anywhere!

You’ve probably had pizza or sushi delivered before, but what you really want from a delivery is a meal that’s «healthy», sophisticated and worthy of a «real» restaurant. Impress your friends with a gourmet meal that’s delivered to your place!
The pros:

– A huge choice of dishes, specialities and restaurants

– Fast and easy payment by card or Tickets restaurants

– Choose when and where you want the delivery

– No washing-up or cooking disasters
Here’s our selection of the most popular services, as well as the best specialty restaurants that offer 24-hour home delivery.
Allo Resto
You’ve probably already heard of it! Allo Resto is one of the most famous delivery services in France. We’ve all seen their commercials on TV at least once… You simply need to login to their website or app and choose a restaurant. You’ll find a large choice available that enables you to travel the world, and offers dishes to match all budgets, tastes and requirements.
You’re surely familiar with their logo, the little white kangaroo. How long’s the wait? 30 minutes! What greater a treat is there than enjoying a delicious meal cooked by a chef without moving an inch? So if you’re feeling too tired to cook, go ahead and place an order! The chefs of these restaurants will be delighted to concoct a wonderful meal for you.
This start-up doesn’t just deliver to you but also to your workplace. From simple sandwiches to sophisticated desserts, Resto-in’s partner restaurants are at your disposal. They will deliver your order within a given waiting time. So if you want a bespoke dish but don’t have time to leave work, give them a call!
This start-up also offers gourmet meals cooked by starred chefs. But you can also find restaurants that are « à la mode » and focus on a specific product like « Fish&Chips » or « Bagels ». The only difference is that your meals will be delivered by bike, both for the sake of the environment and avoiding the traffic. Since launching in 2013 they have delivered over 10,000 orders under the sun, through rain and snow. Whatever the weather’s like, they’ll make it to your door, so let’s try it!
This company has made itself different from the others: it doesn’t offer gourmet meals but instead informal, popular dishes. The partners of this start-up are mainly trendy Parisian restaurants that attract a lot of attention. So for meal that’s cool and original, check out their website.
L’étoile des Gourmets
Coming from gourmet restaurants, these dishes are perfect for a romantic meal or impressing your dinner guests! We recommend that you visit their website because you’re going to be won over: not only do they offer a large choice but they also explain how to prepare the dishes and offer serving suggestions – isn’t that amazing? Also, this company won the prestigious 2015 «Formidable Espoir» award for e-commerce!
When we talk about pastries or chocolate, the famous Lenôtre is the first brand that comes to mind. So if I were to say that this company also offers food platters and dishes for foodies… If you’d like to find out more, visit their website where you can place an order! Whether it’s for cocktails or a family meal, this gourmet catering service knows how to satisfy those taste buds of yours.