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Food trucks in Paris, delicious meals on the go!

If you are visiting the capital for a couple of days or a few weeks, don’t forget to try the Paris Food Trucks! They are often nicer, of a higher quality and cheaper than many tourist restaurants in Paris. The cat’s out of the bag!

What’s the concept of the Food Trucks in Paris?

It’s a parked truck – in Paris obviously – where you can buy your lunch (sometimes even your dinner!) in an original, fast and affordable way. There are 56 “meals on wheels” services available in Paris.
Food trucks in Paris: What can you eat? Mainly burgers and bagels, but there are also some that specialize in a number of world cuisines.
Where can you find them? Just about everywhere in Paris, since these trucks often move from place to place. Don’t panic, the website “Pouet-Pouet” will give you a map to locate the current food trucks → Par ici les camions

The Lodgis team has sampled some of Paris’ food trucks for you – here are our favorites:
La Cantine California : California comes to Paris!
Le Réfectoire : Perfect for vegetarians (won the prize for the best burger in 2014)
Mozza & Co : for Mozzarella fanatics – with all the sauces
Camion du Centquatre : THE place to eat pizza in an artistic setting.
Marguerite du Pré : Ice-cream and Organic Yoghurt, healthy eating can’t hurt you!



For the skeptical…
– The food truck “Bien fait” serves dishes worthy of a gourmet restaurant, whilst maintaining a simple approach.
– The famous “Le camion qui fume” has a truck (click here to find out where it is) , as well as a restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement. Here the menu is the same, but with the comfort of a restaurant setting.
If you want more culinary adventures in Paris, check out our article on how to discover Paris by eating! Bon appétit!