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The gourmet delicatessens in Paris that you have to try!

Have you ever moving to Paris? Rather than frittering away time and money in restaurants, you can rent an apartment with a functional and fully-equipped kitchen that will allow you to prepare your own dishes with fresh fruit, charcuterie and delicious local cheeses!

We have selected the best gourmet delicatessens in Paris so that you can eat like a Parisian in Paris!

Fromagerie Goncourt

Hard cheese made from summer milk can be eaten normally or used for fondue – try the creamy Reblochon, smooth Mont-d’Or or even fresh Tomme to make a traditional Aligot!

Le comptoir des Producteurs

Butternut squash, pumpkin, summer squash, spaghetti squash… you can find them all at the Comptoir des Producteurs!

Épicerie Saint Sabin

Florence and Laurent will warmly welcome you and can suggest some exquisite products from the Midi-Pyrénées region. There’s also a very good selection of natural wines and excellent charcuterie.

La Maison Plisson

Very Parisian, offering the best products from farmers’ markets and small, independent producers. Make sure you don’t miss this!

La Grand Épicerie de Paris

In the 11th arrondissement, La Grande Épicerie de Paris covers nearly 3000m2, as well as 1500m2 underground, where the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Worker in France Award) contested by 62 artisans and 12 expert apprentices from bakeries, delicatessens and confectionery shops.

Coopérative La Louvre

An ambitious project that has finally been launched, after years of work, in the 18th arrondissement. It is based on the cooperative, organic and local model of the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn and full of fresh, local produce.

Coopérative Latte Cisternino : keep this address to yourself!

Exclusively Italian produce at 37 rue Godot de Mauroy 75009 Paris. Try and keep this amazing 8m2 boutique to yourself. Wonderful food and a really welcoming owner, with buffalo mozzarella, burrata, parma ham, coppa, mortadella and speck. Fresh pasta, dried goods, mascapone, milk, sausages, Italian wines, olives, Parmesan and ricotta….
Make the most of all the comforts that a Parisian apartment can offer and stay at the dinner table for as long as you like!
If you’re still feeling hungry, check out the best markets in the 11th to 20th arrondissement for more top-quality produce!