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Tips for moving to Paris and renting an apartment

Renting an apartment in Paris can be a real obstacle course and to win the game you’ll need to show patience, ingenuity … use some of the tips that I am going to share with you…

Organize your Search

Searching for apartments is certainly a good start, but making your search as organized as possible is crucial. There is no need to trail around all the Parisian agencies. Instead, use the digital tools available and make a start by creating email alerts for homes that might interest you.
Maximize your time spent looking! To do this most effectively, use your spare moments of free time to do your research – during your lunch hour, for example, in the evening or at the weekend.

Have a fantastically organized folder …

Tips for moving to Paris and renting an apartment


Every serious apartment search requires a comprehensive folder, which will make your life much much easier. Your dossier should include a several sections and contain:
• A photocopy of your ID and that of your guarantor.
• Your bank details and those of your guarantor
• The last three rent receipts of your lease (or last property tax in the case of an owner)
• Your last three pay slips and your contract of employment
• Your most recent tax documents as well as those of your guarantor
You can also add bonus materials to reassure the owner that you mean business, such as a letter of commitment from your guarantors, or a letter of recommendation from your previous landlord, or even your bank.

What websites should I use?

Word of mouth can be a very effective way of finding accommodation in Paris, but don’t overlook many websites that offer lots of advantages in your situation:

Use your network

Let all your social media friends know about your search and encourage this to go viral! You can advertise your situation on Facebook, post about your urgent need to find an apartment. There are also Facebook discussion groups devoted to looking for apartments in France, or specifically in Paris. You could post a description of the kind of accommodation you are looking for and wait for a response.
Browse specialist property sites – more and more landlords use such websites to publish their ads so don’t miss out – www.leboncoin.fr is one such example. The www.ommi.fr site is another option that allows you to directly upload your file and select the area where you would like to live. Doing this is simple, just choose your neighborhood on a map, or select a subway station –  it is even possible to draw a map of the area.

Would you be prepared to share?

Flat-sharing is also an option to consider if you have nothing against the company; this could give you a home with more space for less money. Most advertisements are listed on appartager.com or paris-colocations.com.

Talk to the experts

If you want a furnished rental apartment, the LODGIS agency has the advantage of offering more than 6000 furnished apartments in Paris and its nearby suburbs. You can simply choose your accommodation according to type, your budget, the districts, neighbourhoods, Metro lines, or a specific address in Paris.

Tips for moving to Paris and renting an apartment-2

During the visit

On the day of the visit, arrive nice and early to soak up the atmosphere of the neighborhood, and check out the apartment’s proximity to shops and transport links.
Before entering the apartment, take the time to examine the state of the facilities. Don’t forget to ask the right questions, such as what is included in the service charges, the average utility charges, the date of the last refurbishment, etc.

The final step

If you have finally found the apartment of your dreams, do not be afraid to make an offer. To do this, please make a phone call or send an email expressing your genuine interest in this property, and attaching your file that you have previously scanned.

Pictures of furnished apartment rentals in Paris by Lodgis

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