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Where can you eat african food in Paris?

The African food is as spicy as it is diverse, despite what one might think (yes, I said gastronomy). It’s not just mafés (peanut sauce – meat dish), fried plantains or bananas; far from it, even if the dishes are reminiscent of the “Parigote culinary doxa”! Here is Lodgis top 3 African restaurants, on a par with your desires, budget and taste for culinary discoveries!


African fast-food in Paris

Are you hungry? I mean, really hungry? Not in the mood to cook at home today. Want a real hearty dish but can’t face the wait at a restaurant? Head out of your apartment in search of some good African food that’s but not too far away and quickly served. But where can you find a fast food restaurant that will please your taste buds and introduce you to something other than the perennial burger-fries-Coke you’ve been eating for as long as you can remember?
Well, here’s Afrik’N’Fusion, an African-style fast food restaurant (yes, you read correctly), where you can enjoy traditional African dishes: Thieb, pastels, Yassa chicken. All of them served with “Bissap” (a refreshing drink made with dried hibiscus leaves)-  it’s fast, delicious and gorgeous! What more could you want?

restaurant africain paris


  • 70 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, station Parmentier or Ménilmontant (01 43 38 05 18)
  • 330, Rue des Pyrénées, 75020 Paris, station Pyrénées or Jourdain (01 43 15 31 98)


Come and enjoy traditionnal/ authentic African food in Paris

Ok right, you know Africa. You’re not really a neophyte (are you?), you’re fed up with yassa and consort: African cuisine is more than just that! Really ? I have just what you need: discover Ethiopia, at Abyssinia. This is virtually a place of worship for anyone who enjoys strong and spicy taste sensations. Injera (flatbreads, cutlery and a set of accompaniments) and berbere (Ethiopian pepper) are the bases of this thousand-year-old gastronomy.
Vegetarians will be as delighted as raw beef lovers. I recommend trying the Beyaynetou, the discovery dish at this restaurant (an assortment of meat and vegetables): your taste buds will speak for themselves! You certainly won’t regret not eating whatever your roommate had prepared for you in that time!

restaurant marocain paris

  • 5, Rue Martin Garat, 75020, station Porte de Bagnolet

African Gastronomy: where to find the best of refinement in the capital?

“ Fini l’amusement” (the fun is over), as they say in Africa: here comes the best of the best, the real pinnacle of African cuisine in Paris.
Here you are in the 16th arrondissement, where anyone who wants to show off (artists, celebrities, and less known ones from the African world)  all flock here to enjoy a good Ndole (a typical Cameroonian vegetable dish), kedjenou (Ivorian meat dish)  or the grandpa soup (fish soup).

restaurant africain paris

I will won’t say any more – go enjoy the subtlety and refinement of African cuisine at this fabulous restaurant … But beware: your taste buds and your friends will keep asking for more!


African Lounge
20 bis, rue Jean Giraudoux, 75016 Paris
01 47 20 58 14

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