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Beautiful Self-Guided Walking Tours of Lyon

Spending some time in the beautiful city of Lyon, France and want a fun and free way to discover your new city? Why not try a walking tour? Lodgis has made a list of beautiful walking tours in Lyon to help you learn more about the wonderful city and all that Lyon has to offer, and by the end, you’ll feel just like a local!

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1. Lyon Introduction Walk

A great way to introduce yourself to the city and see many of the most prominent sights in Lyon is to take the Lyon Introduction Walk! This route spans 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles and takes roughly 4 hours for you to see 14 of Lyon’s most intriguing attractions such as:
lyon introduction walk map

  • the Place Bellecour
  • the Theatre des Celestins
  • the Place de Jacobins
  • the Ancien Palais de Justice
  • the Cathedral Saint Jean
  • the Rue de Boeuf
  • the Maison Thomassin
  • the Fresque des Lyonnais
  • the Amphiteatre Gallo-Romain
  • the Traboules de la Croix Rousse
  • the Hotel de Ville
  • the Bartholdi Fountain
  • the Lyon Opera House
  • the Rue de la République

    2. Lyon Museum Walk

    Looking for a more artistic twist for your afternoon stroll or maybe wanting to learn more about the history of Lyon? Why not take the Lyon Museum Walk! This route spans 4.9 kilometers or 3 miles and takes roughly 2 hours (not including touring the museums themselves) to see 6 of Lyon’s most beautiful and educational museums including:
    lyon museum walk map

  • the Fine Arts Museum
  • the Musée de l’Imprimerie
  • the Musée Gadagne: Museum of Lyon History / International Museum of Puppets
  • the Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilization
  • the Decorative Arts and Textile Museum
  • the Centre d’Histoire de la Resistance et de la Deportation

    3. Lyon Architecture Walk

    France is full of beautiful architecture and Lyon is no different. Take the Lyon Architecture Walk to see all of the amazing works of art created throughout history that still function as buildings throughout the city! This route spans 3.3 kilometers or 2.1 miles and takes about 2 hours to see 9 of the most beautiful buildings in Lyon, such as:
    lyon architecture walk map

  • the Palais du Commerce
  • the Chapelle de la Trinité
  • the Eglise Saint-Nizier
  • the Temple Lanterne
  • the Auberge du Gouvernement
  • the Tour Rose
  • the Place des Jacobins
  • the Hôtel Dieu
  • the Préfecture du Rhone

    4. Walking Tour of Old Lyon

    Ready to step back in time and take the Walking Tour of Old Lyon? Take this 2 hour walk to see all of Lyon’s most historical sights and feel like a true time traveler, stepping back in time and witnessing history, starting at the Place Saint-Jean. This walk allows you to discover 7 different sights in Old Lyon such as:
    self guided tour of vieux lyon map

  • the Cathedral Saint Jean Baptiste
  • the raboules du Vieux Lyon
  • the Musée du Cinema et de la Miniature
  • the Traboule “Maison du Crible – Tour Rose”
  • the Maison Brochier Soieries
  • the Théâtre des Celestins
  • the Grand Hôtel Dieu

    5. Kids Entertainment Walking Tour of Lyon

    Are you discovering Lyon as a family for the first time and looking for kid-friendly walks? Take this walking tour to not only discover your new city but to also keep your children entertained and allow them to learn about their new home. This walk spans roughly 1.5 kilometers or 0.9 miles and last for roughly 1 hour while allowing you and your kids to discover 6 sights such as:
    kids entertainment tour map

  • the Amphithéâtre Gallo-Romain
  • the Jardin des Plantes
  • the UFCV
  • the Musée International de la Marionnette
  • the Musée Cinéma et Miniature
  • the Jardin du Rosaire

    We hope this list helps you to discover some of the sights to see in Lyon and helps you to get acquainted with your new city! Feeling like a local yet? Let us know if you’ve already taken any of these free tours and your favorite things to see and do in Lyon by leaving us a comment of Lodgis’ Facebook and Instagram pages.
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