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Furnished rental : what are the benefits of the Bail Mobilité for tenants?

Are you moving to Paris to work or study? The new Bail Mobilité might just be what you need!
Dedicated to tenants wanting to move temporarily into furnished accommodation, this new type of lease offers you numerous advantages.

What is the Bail Mobilité?

The Bail Mobilité (meaning “mobility lease”) is a new French furnished rental contract, created under Emmanuel Macron’s government as part of the ELAN law.
It is aimed primarily at students and professionals travelling for work, and aims to meet your needs as a tenant looking for an apartment for just a few months.
Before the implementation of the Bail Mobilité, two types of leases where available in France:

  • The Main Residence contract (for 12 month rentals, renewable tacitly, or a 9 month, non-renewable version for students)
  • The Secondary Residence contract (fixed term, from one date to another)

How long does the Bail Mobilité last?

This new furnished rental contract can only be used for stays lasting between 1 and 10 months.
It cannot be extented for longer than 10 months, but if the duration of the initial lease is between 1 and 9 months, it is possible to extend it to the full 10.

This contract can adapt perfectly to school terms, internships, training or even professional moves!

If you are already renting an apartment and would like to leave before the end of the term specified in your Bail Mobilité, you will need to ask your landlord directly and give at least one month’s notice.

Are you Eligible?

To benefit from the Bail Mobilité, you will simply need to justify the reason for your stay in France.
You are legally eligible if you are pursuing:

  • Graduate studies
  • An internships or apprenticeship
  • Professionnal training
  • Professionnal changes
  • Temporary professional assignment
  • Civic engagement

Whatever your nationality, if one of these reasons applies to you, you are eligible for the Bail Mobilité!

What are the benefits of the Bail Mobilité for tenants?

As opposed to the classic furnished rental leases, you won’t be asked to pay a security deposit to the landlord!
You no longer have to worry about providing this large amount of money, often equivalent to one or two months’ rent, on arrival at your new apartment.
Moreover, under the Bail Mobilité, the agency fees are capped and cannot exceed 12€/m2. For example, for a 29m2 studio, the agency fees could not exceed 12 x 29, or 348€.

How do you build your guarantee file?

To present a solid guarantee file, you need to specify the reason for your stay, prove your solvability (your ability to pay rent) and provide a guarantee to reassure the owner.
At Lodgis we can help you to create your application, whatever your situation. We accept all types of guarantors, from France and overseas. Some private companies such as Garantme can also cover your application. This type of guarantee is often the easiest to set up and will allow you to create a strong file to present to your landlord, helping you secure the apartment of your dreams!


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