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Top 10 Apps for living in Paris – Part 1

Improve your life in Paris using mobile apps! Do you live in Paris? If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry…) here is a Lodgis listing of the 10 apps that will make your life in Paris easier!


The RATP App

RATP app logo If you don’t have a car or would simply prefer to use public transport (Metro, bus, RER) for whatever reason, you will need this app (metro, bus, RER schedules, different maps).
It will allow you to check when the next Metro or bus arrives at the station, locate the nearest stations from where you are on a map and get useful information about tourist sites…
Either way, this app will plan journeys for you to find the fastest routes around Paris whilst taking account of real time traffic problems.
Available on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store: http://www.ratp.fr/fr/ratp/c_21384/application-ratp/

The “Paris-ci la sortie” (du metro) App

Paris ici la sortie de métro App logo This is an other useful app that will help you use public transport. It is a well known fact that Parisians are always in a rush!
This is the perfect app to save you time! The “Paris-ci la sortie” app will enable you to get on the right Metro train so that you get off right next to the exit! (don’t even attempt that without it!)
Available on App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store: http://www.paris-cilasortiedumetro.fr/

The Weather App

Logo application Météo France There are lots of weather apps already available. You may already have one on your smartphone, but you just can’t live in Paris without a weather app, so that’s why we’re including it in our list of apps.
We recommend the Météo France app.
The weather is always changing in Paris! So check the weather on the app as much as you possibly can!
Available on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store: http://www.meteofrance.com/mobiles

An application that will guide you though Paris

Logo of Paris City Guide by TripAdvisor App
Like many other apps, this very useful app can be used like a guidebook. It will help you to visit lots of tourist attractions in Paris and to get information, useful details and explanations.
Available on the App Store and Google Play

The AlloResto App

AlloResto App Logo
Don’t feel like cooking tonight? You can order food online for delivery very easily in Paris. AlloResto lets you order food from all kinds of different fast-food restaurants.
Available on the App Store and Google Play

The Uber App

Uber App Logo Want to get around Paris but fed up with taking public transport (Metro) and can’t hail a taxi?
Get an Uber!
The app will show you the nearest cab than will take you from where you are to where you want to go. There is a fleet of different vehicles at affordable prices. Definitely worth trying out!
Available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store

The Plancourses App

Logo application mobile PlanCourses Going shopping is the easiest thing you can do in Paris, provided that you choose the right time of day because supermarkets and grocery stores are crazy at rush hour.
“PlanCourses” is a grocery shopping list app that lets you make shopping lists of what you need to buy and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
Available on App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry: http://www.plancourses.com/

The ParisBouge App

ParisBouge App Logo Feel like going out but don’t know where to go?
ParisBouge is an app that can help you find places to go in just a few clicks.
All you need, then, is to put on some clothes and get going!
Available on App Store and Google Play

The Paris à la seconde App

Paris à la seconde App Logo
Find out what’s on in Paris (events) nearby using the Paris à la seconde app!
Available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store
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