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Top English-speaking university courses in Paris

For some students, the idea of studying in Paris might be a dream, but the idea of learning French seems just too daunting. If this is you, we have some good news! There are a selection of universities in Paris which offer English-taught programs, whether they be study abroad semesters, undergraduate degrees or postgraduate studies. Some are French institutions looking to encourage anglophone students, while others are campuses of international universities based in Paris. Their fees and entry requirements vary, but all of them would allow you to study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world without having to learn a whole new language first.

1. The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris is, as the name suggests, a Paris-based campus of an institution otherwise based in America. This means that the general structure, courses offered, and teaching language are all that of an American university, but students get to benefit from living overseas while they study. Students can also choose from a variety of degree programs without being restricted by language requirements.
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2. University of London Institute in Paris

Much the like the American University of Paris, the University of London has a campus in the French capital. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, primarily in French studies and international politics, as well as semester abroad opportunities and Summer schools. Again, this is a great opportunity for those looking to study at an anglophone-style institution while living overseas.
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3. Sciences Po

Sciences Po is, by contrast, a French university but one which offers certain courses in English. These include Summer programs as well as full undergraduate degrees. Sciences Po is also a popular destination for international students looking to do a semester abroad at a French university. Browse their selection of courses on their website.
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4. Panthéon-Sorbonne

Panthéon-Sorbonne, or Paris I, (not to be confused with the Sorbonne, which is Paris IV) offers some specific courses taught in either French and English or entirely English. However, these courses tend to be quite specific, so check their website to see if your chosen subject is included. They also offer French language courses for international students: ideal for those looking to do a mixed French and English course.
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5. Paris-Dauphine

For students looking to do a semester abroad as part of their current degree program, Paris-Dauphine university offers a variety of English-taught modules, in order to bring in anglophone students and maintain its international focus. The university offers courses primarily in business, maths, social sciences and law.
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6. Université Paris Sud

For those who already have an undergraduate degree, Université Paris Sud offers a variety of English-taught Master’s and PhD courses in sciences and mathematics. They offer several courses in partnership with international universities under the Erasmus+ program.
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There’s no doubt that studying abroad is an excellent way to boost your CV, discover a new culture and graduate with an education in life. We hope this list gives you some idea of the options that are available when it comes to finding an English-speaking university course in France. Whether you’re an undergraduate student looking to do a semester abroad, or a postgraduate student wanting to embark on a research PhD, there are courses available in Paris in arts, sciences, business and more. Contact the universities individually to find out more about the courses offered, term dates, fees and funding, etc., and for help in finding your perfect study-abroad opportunity.

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