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Tourists in Paris: Be careful with selfies!

Beware of taking selfies!

Visitors using selfie sticks are being deemed « personna non grata » in more and more museums in Paris.
However, some museums and tourist sites have actually encouraged visitors to use their cameras and smartphones to pose in different places and post their photos on social networks. The Witney Museum of American Art in New York even proclaimed: « Koons Is Great for Selfies ! »
But it seems that times have changed. Our Japanese and Korean tourist friends (and even tourists in Paris in general given that this practice has spread like wildfire in the last couple of years) will have to put their sticks away and find new paths of creativity…
The château de Versailles set the tone in France by banning selfie sticks in certain rooms.
The Louvre has addressed this with its chart of visitor regulations, whilst the Pompidou Center is yet to act on the matter.

Touristes en voyage à Paris, attention aux selfies

Being creative without a stick: a good example!

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