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Virtual reality inside your apartment

For a few years now, virtual and augmented reality has been invading the French market and has extended to various sectors of society. Lodgis is a big fan of innovation and is the first real estate agency to promote virtual tours. If you would like further information on this new high-tech phenomenon, this post is for you!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a system of immersive simulation. In other words, it combines the imaginary and reality since it allows you to have a sensory experience in a world created by software. This means the user can experience being in another place by wearing virtual reality glasses.
Here at Lodgis, we have created an entire section of virtual tours and 360° immersion allowing you to visit our Parisian apartments even if you are abroad and are not available to visit them in person. You can view our furnished rentals on Ios and Android.
Lodgis is always looking for innovative new ideas. Virtual reality, electronic signatures and bitcoin payments have allowed us to modernize and simplify the booking process for our customers all over the world !
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Why take a 3D tour with Lodgis?

This system is more time-efficient and lets you see much more of the apartment than just a photo.
Viewing an apartment wherever you are in the world and at any time you want is a major advantage when you’re already busy preparing for your trip or when you’re not in Paris. Not only that, it allows you to save time and you can view the apartments wherever you are, making it a quick and simple process.

Virtual Tour with Lodgis

Apartments with virtual tour – Lodgis

Furthermore, our Matterport virtual reality program provides you with 3 types of visual maps: Dollhouse, Floorplan and Inside view. This way, you can have a global overview in volumes with the “Dollhouse” view, see the whole apartment on a 2D high-angle view with the “Floorplan” option and see inside the apartment with the “Inside View” option.
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Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a high-tech tool that transforms the way you see things, by making images appear in the real world, which can be seen through your camera or glasses specifically created for this purpose.
This clever concept can be extremely useful in many activity sectors, which is why more and more companies are using it to promote their services and products.
This is the case for Ikea, who decided to use this technology in its catalogue to showcase a variety of items. Now, you can see their furniture and decor inside your own apartment by downloading the Ikea app on your Smartphone. Once you have logged in and selected your furniture, you can see your chosen items in the room from different angles on your smartphone’s screen.
Want some examples? Check out our list of apartments that offer virtual reality tours HERE!
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