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5 good reasons to book a parking space in Paris in advance

Whether you’re staying in Paris for a short, medium or long trip, you’ll certainly need to find a parking space if you’re coming by car. However, parking spaces in the capital are difficult to come by and expensive! The most practical way round this problem is to book your parking space online in advance. Lodgis explains the 5 reasons that make booking your parking space in advance advisable!.

1) Book in advance: your space is guaranteed, even if the parking lot says it’s full

Finding in place to park in Paris can be complicated, especially when there are major events, like sports matches and concerts, for example. If you book your parking space in advance in one of Paris’ parking lots, it will reserve a space exclusively for you upon your arrival.
Booking a parking space is essential if you want to park near a desirable location with a lot of visitors!

2) Book your space in advance and save time

In Paris, drivers spend an average of 20 minutes looking for a place to park. Avoid wasting time and book your parking space in advance. You’ll also be saving time by planning your movements!
On the website ParkingsdeParis,you can reserve a space up to 6 months in advance or within 15 minutes of your arrival for the less organized among you. You can also day and arrival time for free until to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. After this point it’s still possible to make changes, but you’ll need to contact ParkingsdeParis at contact@parkingsdeparis.com.

3) Book your space in advance and save money


Sac d'argent (monnaie)

Booking your parking space in advance is no more expensive than paying on-the-stop in a parking lot. Quite the opposite!
ParkingsdeParis.com has negotiated rates with 80 parking lots in Paris that are cheaper than the public parking costs. In order to benefit from these excellent rates, the one condition is that you book in advance online.
Les forfaits proposés peuvent aller de quelques heures à plusieurs semaines, et jusqu’à 1 mois de stationnement maximum. Vous pouvez économiser jusqu’à 70% en réservant votre place à l’avance.

4) Book your space in advance in 10 different parking lots at once

If you want to visit Paris’ main tourist attractions in a few days without having to worry about parking, you can with the Multipark Pass!
This package gives you access to 10 parking lots situated in Paris’ main tourist districts. Next to the Eiffel Tower and Musee du Quai Branly, right by Notre-Dame, the Hôtel-de-Ville and close to the Musée du Louvre…For one price you can have access to these ten parking lots that will enable you to plan your visits knowing that there will always be a space available for you wherever you go.
Would you prefer to park in a parking lot near where you’re staying? Choose from among 80 parking lots from the whole network on ParkingsdeParis.com

5) Booking on ParkingsParis.com is quick and easy

Visit Parkingsdeparis.com and you’ll find the cheapest and closest parking spaces to your place of destination! Just enter the address of where you’re going, your dates and arrival/departure times. Choose the parking lot that will suit you best, then select a package that meets your needs.
Create your account, which will allow you to change or cancel your booking. Confirm it. You’ll then be transferred to a secure online payment service where you can choose to pay by Bankcard or Paypal. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email confirming your booking and with a payment receipt. Print a copy of your booking confirmation or keep it on your smartphone to show when you arrive at the parking lot. Park your car and enjoy your stay in Paris!
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