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How to find child care services or baby-sitting in Paris?

Combining work or personal activities and children can sometimes seem like an uphill battle because of a lack of time and because children require a lot of attention, even more when they are very young. However, there are many different ways to handle the baby-sitting of your little treasure.
After our post about the bilingual daycare in Paris, we decided to focus on another type of child care service in Paris: baby-sitting! If you are an expat who just settled in Paris; parents looking for an occasional baby-sitter or a family needing to find a bilingual baby-sitter, then this post about baby-sitting in Paris is exactly what you needed!


The 3 different types of baby-sitting

If you thought that there was only one type of baby-sitting in Paris that consists of calling a baby-sitter at your apartment, then you were wrong. Indeed, there are 3 main types of baby-sitting and child care services in Paris.

The child minder

There are 2 different types of child minder: the child minder who works for the nursery and the child minder who works for individuals.
The child minder is a professional who received an official certification approved by the General Council. This type of child care service has the following characteristics:
– the child minder hosts your child at her/his home;
– the price depends on the type of child minder and the services;
– it’s a collective type of child care services, thus, your child won’t be alone;
– the child minder’s apartment is purpose-built;
– You have to register your child beforehand at the City hall of your arrondissement and on a waiting list because child minders who work with your town get a lot of demands;
– Depending on which nursery they work with, they can be bilingual or not.
For further details about the child minder, you can read the post written by the Mairie de Paris.

The baby-sitter

This child care service is the parents’ favorite who like the schedule’s flexibility and the price but also the fact that the baby-sitter is totally dedicated to their child. Baby-sitters don’t have any certifications, they are recruited by the agencies that check their skills during the interview.
The baby-sitter’s characteristics are the following:
– she picks up your child after school
– she brings your child back home
– she cooks the snacks, diner, prepares the bath and provides homework help
– the price is generally superior to the SMIC and can change depending on the area, services and baby-sitters. In Paris it’s around 8 to 10€ per hour.
– She can be bilingual since it’s getting more and more famous in Paris to have a bilingual baby-sitter.

Shared baby-sitting

This type of child care service consists of calling on a “parental auxiliary” who takes care of the same group of children.
The characteristics of this type of baby-sitting are as following:
– the families gather to discuss to find the right auxiliary for their children;
– they choose the hours, tasks, activities, circuit and other details together;
– the apartment can switch from a family’s one to another… or not;
– the price is divided between families
– they can also be bilingual depending on the criteria you ask to the agency.

Baby-sitting agencies in Paris

Now that you know the features of each 3 child care service in Paris, you are ready to look for the perfect baby-sitter and since Lodgis thinks of you, we listed some baby-sitting agencies implanted in the entire Paris area right below:
Ma place en crèche
Agency which finds a nursery for you
Website: www.maplaceencreche.com
Family Sphere
Baby-sitting agency
All kind of child care service
Website: www.family-sphere.com
La compagnie des familles
Baby-sitting agency
All kind of child care service
Website: www.lacompagniedesfamilles.com
Kids Paradis
Baby-sitting agency
All kind of child care service
Website: www.kidsparadis.com
We hope this post about the different how to find a child care service or baby-sitter in Paris answered all your questions and that you will find the perfect one for your children!