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All you need to know about international guarantors for a furnished rental in Paris

Are you in Paris and looking for an apartment or flat share? Did you know that, in some cases, you can use a foreign guarantor for furnished rental in Paris? In this article Lodgis explains how:


What is the role of the guarantor?

Essentially, the guarantor (usually a parent, friend or relative) is a person who agrees to be responsible for the tenant’s debt if he or she fails to pay the rent.


If you are currently in permanent employment, not undergoing a trial period and earning at least 3 times the monthly rent (net salary), you will not need a guarantor to rent an apartment in Paris.


How to use a guarantor?

When you create your customer file, you can request a guarantor if you do not meet the financial requirements to rent an apartment.


The guarantor must have a monthly income at least 4 times larger than the rent of the tenant.


If you are planning a flatshare, the collective income of all the guarantors must correspond to 4 times the total monthly rent.


The guarantor must submit one of the following documents for the tenant’s customer file:


  • Three most recent payslips or:
  • A certificate of employment (which states your monthly income)



Bank statements are NOT accepted as proof of guarantee


International guarantees

With Lodgis, whatever your profile (student, professional, retired), you can use a foreign guarantor to complete your customer file.


Lodgis Tip: Make sure you translate the guarantee documents into French or English if they are not in one of the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian or Japanese.


If your circumstances are different (you are a foreign guarantor, an entrepreneur or self-employed), feel free to contact one of our advisers who will help you complete your customer file.

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