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Keeping your New Year’s resolutions in Paris

New Year, New You? Every January, after days, weeks or months of vice and indulgence, millions of us across the world set goals for self-improvement. From losing weight to smiling more, everyone has bad habits that they’d like to change. And yet so many of us give up in the end! In this post, we look at how a trip to Paris could help you put some 5 of the most common New Year’s resolutions into practice:


Parisian architecture: classical and modern

Paris is known throughout the world to be one of the most beautiful cities. Its charm is undeniable in the tree lined avenues and parks, bistros and cafés, and the effortlessly chic style of the Parisians. But what we are most captivated by is the elegant architecture that dominates the City of Light. The typical Haussmann buildings with black iron railings and hanging baskets are the epitome of Paris and what we excitedly await to see and photograph when visiting. The more Gothic structures, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the mesmerising Sainte Chapelle, add another dimension to the architectural beauty of the city. Then, of course, come the fascinating and more creative modern structures, such as the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the George Pompidou, that fit more to the 21st century architectural style.


Markets in Paris: from the 11th – 20th arrondissement ­

After a busy day of tours and excursions, enjoy being in the comfort of your apartment and using its kitchen to make a meal with French meat, fish, cheese, cold cuts and seasonal vegetables.
In Paris there are markets for all tastes (covered, outdoor, organic, flower, book and flea markets…)

Visiting the markets in Paris during your stay is undoubtedly the best way to save money and sample high quality produce!

Here is a list of markets in Paris from the 1st– 10th arrondissements .


Desert in the city, Paris like you’ve never seen it before!

Desert in the city is an art project run by the photographer Genaro Bardy .
He photographed New York’s empty streets, taking some extraordinary shots of the city just before Hurricane Irene. What he produced was a stunning set of photos of an uninhabited Manhattan.He has taken the opportunity to photograph London and, most recently, Paris without tourists, cars, inhabitants…a city completely tranquilized.