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Websites and apps to find friends to do activities with in Paris

As such a big city, it can feel daunting moving to Paris to live there without knowing anyone or knowing what to do. Luckily there are ways to overcome both of these things. Here are our recommendations of some of the best apps and websites to use to help you meet people in the French capital.

On Va Sortir

The website On Va Sortir has been made to encourage friendly meet ups that have been organised by the other members themselves. As the activities can be proposed by any of the members, there are a huge variety of activities on offer daily, such as cinema visits, going to bars, taking part in sporting activities, etc. You have to pay a subscription fee to take part, but it is worth it if you are interested in meeting new people, discovering new places and trying new experiences. This website is directed more at slightly older people.
The On Va Sortir website

Les Others

This website was launched in 2012 with the idea to create a media platform for lovers of outdoor living, travelling and photography. Since 2015, they have also offered a bi-annual paper on top of the digital platform which offers travel stories, interviews and photo series. Despite this site not actually being for meeting people, you should still check it out if you are looking for inspiration of stuff to do in and around Paris, as well as other parts of France and the world. They give you good ideas for travel and day trips from Paris.
The Les Others website
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MeetMeOut is a website that allows you to go out with your friends and meet new people while doing activities in Paris. The objective is to encourage people living in the city that want to explore it, to meet up and share tips on what to do, whether they are Parisian, an expat or a tourist. The website uses an algorithm to give you recommendations based off your profile and what interests you. There is a big array of events ranging from cultural to more relaxed, as well as ones where you can discover new skills. If you find an activity you like, it should be a good time.
The MeetMeOut website

Tous Bénévoles

Tous Bénévoles is an association dedicated to civic engagement and is one of the leading voluntary services in France. The objective is to promote civic engagement by bringing people together to volunteer and help the community. This website offers you a good way to meet people whilst also helping out a very worthwhile cause with lots of ways to participate. It is a very rewarding way of doing different things and meeting new people.
The Tous Bénévoles website


This app and website offers a new way of meeting people at the best spots in the city. Each meetup unites a group of 10 people that don’t know each other previously. You have to book on to events and you don’t know who anyone is until you are with them. You can participate in things other people have arranged or you can organise your own events. The events can vary greatly from board game nights, to drinks to sporty activities. So, download the app, it’s a great way to make new friends in small groups.
Download Jumpin! on the App Store or Google Play


Meetup is a digital platform that has been designed to find and create local communities. The app is used to meet new people, make friends, learn new things, find support, get you out of your comfort zone and share your passion with others doing the same. The members come from all over the world so you can find locals and tourists. There are all kinds of categories on their website so there’s no doubt you’ll find something that appeals to you.
Download Meetup on the App Store or Google Play


Serndip is a dating app with an innovative approach that changes the usual conventions of online dating. A list of activities is proposed to you by other users, as well as by professional partners who organise events through their companies, and you pick which one appeals to you. You don’t chat online before your encounter. You have to wait until you meet in person, so first impressions are made offline which isn’t always the case these days. It encourages real life encounters and allows you to discover something you want to do, alongside someone else who also wants to try the activity. So, download the app if you are looking for an exciting first date.
Download Serndip on the App Store or Google Play
So there you have it, some of our top recommendations of websites and apps to use in Paris in order to meet new people and to discover what activities the city has to offer. They range from dating apps, to apps for meeting friends, to websites just for finding inspiration, but the varied selection of our recommendations should mean that there is something for everyone. Also, most of them are free so what have you got to lose!

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