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Paris is officially a candidate to host the 2024 Summer Olympics!

You’ll almost certainly have heard that Paris city wishes to organize the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Where are we, by now? Lodgis decided to answer this question in this post entirely dedicated to Paris’ application to host the 2024 Summer Olympics!

Paris’ application is… official!

It’s a sportsman, a French tennis star, who is confirmed the news. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga posted a tweet, and no just your ordinary one: he is announcing Paris’ official application for the organization of 2024 Summer Olympics!

Logo and Slogan

The official logo for 2024 Olympic Games in Paris appeared on the Arc de Triomphe on February 9th of 2016. It’s a number “24” remembering the last year that Paris hosted the Olympics (in 1924) but also the year when we could celebrate its centennial if Paris is selected, in 2024. The numbers have the shape of the Eiffel Tower and the colors going from the top to the bottom represent the French flag and fade in a variety of shades corresponding to the Olympic rings.
A colorful symbol, full of energy, passion and ambition but Paris didn’t stop here. Indeed, the official Slogan “Made for Sharing” was presented few days later on the Eiffel Tower and enhances the spirit of Paris’ application.
Indeed, Paris wants to highlight its sense of sharing and universality since after all, the Olympic Games represent the encounter of all the nations of the world reunited to share values that sportsmen and spectators hold dear to their hearts.


Paris Olympic Games 2024: A major challenge

Paris recently received the visit of the International Olympic Committee in order to submit its Olympic Games Plan for 2024 organized by the application board of the city.
The members of the IOC confirmed that Paris passed the test! So, on September 13th of 2017, the city organizing 2024 Olympic Games will be chosen after deliberations in Lima, Peru.

An international support

Paris application to the 2024 Olympic Games isn’t only supported by the population but also by its new President, Emmanuel Macron, who insisted to talk to the IOC members and who will be in Lima to hear the official decision.
Furthermore, big names of sport gathered to testify their enthusiasm and their illusion to see the 2024 Olympic Games hosted in Paris such as: teddy Riner, Laura Flessel, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Emmeline Ndongue, to only name a few.
One of the biggest legends the football has ever known, Zinedine Zidane, didn’t only express its support but he also took the banner of Ambassador for 2024 Olympic Games. He joined the prodigy, Karim Benzema, the former coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Laurent Blanc, as well as the committee co-executive, Tony Estanguet, three time Olympic champion; to take a picture symbolizing their official investment to support Paris application!
Finally, 60 countries are supporting Paris application to organize the 2024 Olympic Games.

An ambitious yet realistic application

Paris has the advantage to cover many sports centers on which the city relies for 2024 Olympic games. Thus, the already existing venues will be of use to welcome sportsmen and fans, even if some new ones are to be built before the beginning of the competition, which allowed the city to estimate a budget of approximately 6 billions of euros respecting the limits imposed by the IOC which will be partly financed through private funds.


The public transports are also a huge advantage of the city thus integrating ecology in its program but also the practical aspects of Paris.

The Olympic Games: Accelerator of Public Policy

2024 Olympic Games enter in the “Grand Paris” project. It will contribute to accelerate the squash up of Paris with its near region with numerous equipment and events taking place in Seine-Saint-Denis.
This way, Paris plays the territorial heritage card for its application and sees in it an opportunity to develop a larger transports network, new sports centers and 5000 new dwellings.
Speaking of 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, did you know the city was considering to organize the swimming competition in the river Seine? For further information don’t hesitate to read our post “Will Parisians be swimming in the river Seine soon?”
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