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Top 10 Apps for living in Paris – Part 2

More and more applications (apps) are available on our smartphones to facilitate our daily lives, so why not make the most of this while staying in Paris? Route planners, information, real-time traffic updates, tips on what’s on in Paris … an astronomical number of applications exist. Here are our top 10 apps to help make your life in Paris stress-free.

Apps for exploring Paris



This app is available on iOS and lets you list your favorite places on a map. Paris is a big city where you can discover new places and have a new obsession every day. It’s the ideal tool to mark out plans for trips and then retrieve them instantly on a map.


Paris Tourist Guide

Paris Guide Touristique

This is the perfect companion on a trip to Paris. Enjoy detailed maps that are available offline for comprehensive tourist content, a list of the most visited places with excellent advice.


Secrets of Paris

Secret de Paris

Secrets of Paris is a unique app that gives you daily secret about the City of Light. So now you can discover its hidden passages, streets, the most unusual monuments, new restaurants, or innovative concepts … You can also save your favorite places for easy retrieval later.


Apps for getting around Paris


CitymapperThis app is essential if you take public transport because it provides information about Metros, buses, Vélibs, Transiliens, RER, and taxis. The app also provides schedules, routes, nearby stations near and calculates the best route based on real-time. The app covers Paris and the surrounding region as well as other major cities and European capitals (Berlin, London, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Barcelona), and some large cities in the United States.



VélibThe Vélib’ app has become an essential tool if you like this mode of transport. Use it to find out about the real-time availability of free Vélib’ stations in Paris and its 30 neighboring municipalities. You can also check your user account on your smartphone and see if you have an active Vélib’ rental.


Apps for eating and drinking in Paris


DeliverooThis is an app that lets you enjoy your favorite restaurants almost instantly as your orders will be delivered by bike within 30 minutes. You can order delicious burgers, sushi and the most authentic pizza in Paris and enjoy it from the comfort of your own rental apartment.


Happy City

HappyCityHappy City is a guide to the best happy hours in your city. The app makes it easy to find a nearby happy hour with a geolocation system. You can also look for the best Happy Hour according to specific criteria, such as your favorite cocktail or chosen neighborhood.


Practical apps for Paris

Google Fit

Google fitLife in Paris is often so turbulent that a short stroll can often feel like a full workout. Now you can measure the time you spend walking or shopping in one day. This app allows you to take account of your personal objectives. It is even possible to connect it with health and wellness apps, such as Fitbits and other activity sensors – those which are compatible, of course.


Le Parisien

Le ParisienIf you live in Paris, you will probably want be up-to-date with the latest news in the city and in the Paris region. The ‘Le Parisien’ newspaper provides comprehensive national and international news as well as local developments from the Ile-de -France region. Through the app, you can keep up-to-date at all times and share items that have captured your interest on your social media sites.


Wifi in Paris

Wifi a ParisThis is a simple and efficient app, which is very useful if you are traveling to Paris and find that you have little or no internet data connection. It provides you with a list of public sites and spaces with a Wifi hotspot.

Voilà! The Top 10 Useful Mobile Apps for living in Paris post is over. But if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment…
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