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What is open on August 15th?

August 15th, also called “Assumption Day”, is a public holiday in France. Many (but not all) of the shops are closed. In 2015, the 15th of August falls on a Saturday. Is this a big problem? Not necessarily, if you are aware of what is open and what is closed. So, what is open on August 15th?

Shopping malls

Shopping mall

Almost all of the shopping malls are open on August 15th. However, the timetables can be different on this particular day, so you’re better off checking this before you go anywhere.
Among the shopping malls opening on August, 15th figure the following:

  • Printemps;
  • Les Galeries Lafeyettes;
  • La Défense (4 temps);
  • Beaugrenelle;
  • Forum des Halles;
  • Saint-Lazare shops;
  • Bercy Village.



Almost all museums (public, private and national) are open on August 15:

  • the Musée Grévin;
  • the Conciergerie;
  • the Sainte Chapelle;
  • the Panthéon;
  • the Invalides;
  • the Musée du Louvre.

The Monuments

Eiffel Tower

The most famous monuments are open on August 15th! No need to worry, you you sweet tourists on holiday in Paris, you’ll be able to visit the following sites and monuments, even on this particular day:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Arc de Triomphe
  • The Pantheon
  • The Tour Montparnasse

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Parks and gardens

parcs et jardins

Parks and gardens are open open everyday, including public holidays, so they are therefore open on August 15th.
Same goes for:

  • the Zoo de Paris;
  • the Jardin d’Acclimatation;
  • the Parc floral;
  • the Jardin des plantes (et sa ménagerie).

Speaking of which, did we know that we wrote a post about Paris’ biggest parks and gardens? Come check it out!
Bonus : Even the Tuileries gardens’ fun fair will be open on August 15th.

The markets

marchés parisiens

Food markets are open during public holidays. However, it’s possible that some of the sellers may decide not to work on this particular day.
Even though the market is a bit more quiet during this period of the year, you should go and take a walk in Saint-Ouen Flea Market!

Swimming pools


Almost all of the public swimming pools will be closed on August 15th.
Exceptions (swimming pools which are opened on August 15):

  • Suzanne Berlioux swimming pool (1st arrondissement)
  • Pontoise swimming pool (5th arrondissement)
  • Roger Le Gall swimming pool (12th arrondissement)
  • Joséphine Baker swimming pool (13th arrondissement)
  • Keller swimming pool (15th arrondissement)
  • Champerret swimming pool (17th arrondissement)
  • Pailleron swimming pool (19th arrondissement)
  • Hermant swimming pool (19th arrondissement)

Post offices


Almost all of the post offices are closed on August 15th.
Exceptions (post offices which are opened on August 15th):

  • The post office of Paris-Louvre : open all day
  • The post office of Paris- Champs-Elysées, from 10AM to 12AM and 2PM to 8PM
  • The post office of Paris-Tour Eiffel, from 10AM to 7.30PM
  • The post office of Paris-Musée du Louvre, from 10AM to 6.30PM
  • The post office of Paris-Centre Georges-Pompidou, from 10AM to 12.30PM and 1.30PM to 7PM
  • The post office of Chessy-Disneyland

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