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Students: how to find accommodation in Paris?

Are you going to pursue your studies in Paris, maybe at a university or as part of the Erasmus scheme or a student exchange? The first thing you need to do is find accommodation, which is easier said than done! Accommodation in Paris is expensive and student housing is limited.
Even if renting a furnished studio seems to be the best option, we can give you some alternatives to help you find a place that best suits your budget and needs!

studio étudiant paris

The solution: a furnished rental… individual or shared


Renting a furnished studio apartment

There are plenty of websites offering rentals for individuals and groups (pap.com, seloger.com…). But landlords, who are reluctant to rent their properties to students (unpaid rent and/or damage to property), are increasingly relying on furnished rental specialists, such as Lodgis, to rent out their properties. Estate agents can be helpful for students looking for housing since they offer a larger selection of apartments and guide them throughout the rental process (finding an apartment, paperwork, etc).
Finding an apartment through an agency is now cheaper than ever, as agency fees are capped at 12 €/m²! For example, Lodgis offers studio apartments from 560€ per month with agency fees only amounting to 144€ (for a furnished studio of 12m²). So, don’t hesitate to come discover our range of furnished studios.

Sharing a furnished apartment

Sharing an apartment is a great solution for students as it enables you to rent a spacious furnished apartments at a lower cost in the very heart of Paris. As a matter of fact, there is not much demand for big apartments, which is why landlords rent them to students as shared flats.
Lodgis has a large range of furnished apartments to share in Paris, come and check it out!
However, for flat-sharing to go well you need to find the right people to be your flatmates, people with good-manners that you respect and can trust!
Another alternative is inter-generational flat sharing! You share an apartment with an older person who might need your company on a daily basis (the rent is cheap if not free). Several companies offer this kind of arrangement, which is not yet very popular in Paris.

Other kinds of furnished accommodation for students: cheaper but less accessible


University campus: but the available places are limited

University campuses are cheaper solutions for students who want to live in Paris. Moreover, it is likely that students who have just arrived in Paris will feel more comfortable living with other students and making friends. But this furnished accommodation, which is cheaper (between 400 and 550€ per month for a room from 11 to 18m²), is not necessarily accessible to everyone: many people apply and just a few are successful.
To make up for the lack of space on campus, private and high-quality student residences have started to appear: they are more expensive (almost the same rent as for a studio of 18m², between 580 and 950€ a month). The application process is far less competitive than on a campus, helping students to find a room.
Residence etudiante à paris

Student hostel

In recent years, student hostels have undergone a transformation. No more curfews and cramped, overcrowded dormitories!
There are now around 30 student hostels in Paris that offer furnished bedrooms for 1, 2 or 3 people and these are great alternatives to find accommodation in Paris at an affordable price (from 250 to 500€ per month), but they are often reserved for girls.

Are you looking for a studio in Paris?

Lodgis offers a fabulous selection of furnished apartments for rent. We offer over 7,500 properties, from studio to family apartments with period features, spacious dining and living areas, terraces, elevator access…and just about anything!

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