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Paris like a local: INSIDR, a connected smartphone and digital guide to Paris!

INSIDR is a connected smartphone and digital guide that every tourist passing through Paris should have!
Say goodbye to hefty roaming charges, visiting the same tourist landmarks, wasting time looking for a local SIM card and wifi hotspots in Paris. Let us introduce you to INSIDR, our new partner that will make your stay in Paris a truly unique and unforgettable experience!
The device will help you get around Paris (no more mornings spent queuing for the Louvre!) with maps showing the addresses of the trendiest and most exclusive locations, and finally (its biggest advantage!) with access to a community of Parisians ready to answer all your questions, even the most farfetched. These Parisians are very friendly and open, and yes, this is all available for the price of 2 set menus in a local bistro!
INSIDR resolves all the connectivity issues for travelers in Paris: : for non-Europeans the cost of calling abroad and data roaming remains extortionate and Paris isn’t really properly equipped with accessible wifi.
This connected smartphone provides information on the best places to go in Paris, thanks to a digital guide, as well as the chance to get in touch with real Parisians to ask for their advice.
INSIDR also gives you access to the best innovative and ground-breaking apps which offer a more personalized tourist experience off the beaten path.

How does it work?

You can easily order your connected smartphone online on the INSIDR website and upon your arrival in Paris it is delivered directly to your Lodgis apartment or at a time and to a place of your choice. At the end of your stay you return the smartphone to INSIDR.
This system is fantastic for travelers who don’t want to be hindered by borrowing logistical problems. The aim of INSIDR is to offer the simplest possible service.

Who are the founders of INSIDR?

We are a brother & sister with deep Parisian roots for 6 generations. However, we have very different stories. Benjamin has lived and worked in over a dozen countries (including Japan, the USA, and all over Europe). Nina has also traveled widely and lived for an extended period in Korea.
We have complementary academic and professional backgrounds, which helps a lot on a day-to-day basis. Nina went to art school and is a trained designer. Benjamin studied at Sciences-Po and worked for several years as a strategy consultant.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea of INSIDR came from our experience as hosts. Whilst regularly putting up travelers in our apartments, we noticed that they were facing connectivity problems and were also having having trouble accessing the content that mattered and that allows you to have a unique and local experience in Paris.



We recommend that travelers coming for several months order INSIDR for a few days or weeks so that they can adjust to life in Paris and discover the little hidden spots that will make their stay an unforgettable experience. The local and authentic Paris is difficult to grasp for travelers and INSIDR is there to guide you through this discovery..
For example, we encourage the more adventurous travelers to play Hint Hunt (the best and first Escape game in Paris), and to go and dine at Freegan Pony: an exclusive restaurant that each night serves delicious vegetarian dishes made using the remaining unsold produce from the Rungis market. Two unforgettable experiences!
What’s that cliché outdated cliché about Parisians? That the Parisians are unpleasant, don’t speak English and aren’t interested in helping travelers in Paris. In reality, Parisians are great travelers themselves and love sharing their daily lives. Our own community of Parisians is the perfect example of this!