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Where to stay in Paris?

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The Center of Paris, presented by Lodgis (Part 1)

Does Paris have a center? The answer is not really! What’s known as ”Paris intra-muros” – everything within the main péripherique, which is most of arrondissements 1-20 – is considered central by most Parisians.

However, if you’re new to the French capital, and keen to discover the city’s most historic neighbourhoods, then yes, perhaps there is a center to Paris. Unfortunately, this ”center” is so replete with historical sites, monuments and cultural addresses that we’ve had to split this article in two. Read on to find out about the best things to see and do in arrondissements 1-3:


The Business Districts and Convention Centers in the Paris Region

Paris is a city highly regarded on an international scale, not only for tourists but also for business! It is the location of many international events, seminars, conventions, salons and exhibitions that attract business travelers from all around the world each year. If you are a business traveler and are coming to Paris, this post is just for you!

décoration d'appartement parisien

Parisian apartments with the decor you’ve always dreamed of!

A traditional Parisian apartment is easily distinguished by the height of its ceilings, its wooden floors, its plaster moldings, its fireplace and stone façade. They can also be known for having a fashionable interior design and modern configuration. The kitchen can be open-plan, adjoined to the living room and fireplace, vamped-up with a glossy paint finish or be decorated in a colorful, eclectic way – not exactly what you’d expect from a typical Parisian apartment.


5 must-see places in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city full of architectural and historical sites… and many Parisian squares are part of it’s cultural heritage!
The city of Paris, or the City of Light for those in the know, overflows with wonderful places and each is more beautiful than the last. You will find nearly 500 different places in Paris! Among these many Parisian places, you’ll find below Lodgis’ selection of the 5 places in Paris you should absolutely visit. You can’t miss these 5 places because they are well-known, both to Parisians and foreigners. Come and see for yourself, they are really worth seeing!