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No need to panic: How to get rid of cockroaches!

Let’s be honest, cockroaches are the last thing you want in your place. Sadly, just as in all big cities, it could happen to you in Paris. No need to panic! Here’s how to get rid of these pests!

Find the nest

When you see a cockroach in your apartment, know that there could be more hidden. Cockroaches reproduce at an astonishing rate, a couple can produce 100 000 cockroaches in their lifetime, and each one lives up to 6 months.
Learn the favoured hiding spots of cockroaches. They like warm, humid areas, and the nooks in your bathroom and kitchen are the perfect crannies for a nest. Look around for egg sacks and shed skins to find the nest if you have one.

Steps to follow to get rid of them

  • Use sticky traps that attract cockroaches inside to capture the pests. Bayson and Pyrel sell this type of trap, and are readily available at a wide range of stores.
  • Use a steam cleaner with natural repellants to get rid of the cockroaches. Fill the steam cleaner with white vinegar and water, and steam the whole of your interior, paying special attention to nooks and crannies where cockroaches like to hide.
  • Essential oils repulse cockroaches. On a piece of newspaper, or a cotton wool ball put a few drops of lemon and eucalyptus oil to chase away any cockroaches and persuade them to not come back. You can also use lavender oil.
  • Insecticides with a base of diatomaceous earth are recommended for getting rid of cockroaches as they are very effective but also not toxic. It comes in a powder form which you need only place behind cupboards, furnishings, and baseboards.
  • It is recommended to complete the disinfection of your property with boric acid, which attracts and kills cockroaches within a few hours. Use a solution made up of 100ml boric acid per 1litre water to clean all surfaces, especially those in the kitchen and any electrical appliances, to discourage the return of cockroaches. You can find boric acid in pharmacies.
  • Resist the temptation to squish any cockroaches you come across. If you’re unlucky enough as to find a female you risk releasing the eggs and encouraging the cockroach population. It’s better to use the techniques above to rid yourself of the bugs..

    How to avoid a re-infestation

    Once you have got rid of these pests, to ensure they don’t come back you need to put in place some precautions. Start by cleaning everywhere, especially under your sinks, and dispose of any potential food source. Varnish all wooden furniture to seal the wood, and clean them regularly. The most important precaution is to plug any holes which could act as an entry point into your property, no matter how small.
    Finally rid of cockroaches, time to take your mind off the whole ordeal. Here’s the expositions to see in Paris this Autumn.