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Five reasons for booking a private photo shoot in Paris (when you’re an expat)

Living in Paris is a great opportunity to learn many things. You will discover new food, a new lifestyle, new people… And you’ll want to remember everything about this amazing experience. Booking a private photo shoot will help you cherish your memories for a lifetime. But that’s not the only reason.
Whether you moved to Paris on your own, with your partner, or your family, booking a photo session with a professional photographer is a great idea. Here are five reasons why:

1-Treasure memories from particular moments in your life

Having a professional photographer will allow you to remember the love, connection and happiness between you and your loved ones forever. If you’re on your own, your private photographer will bring out your true personality and beauty in a candid way.
For your photo session, you will have the opportunity to choose places you love. Whether it be your cosy Lodgis apartment, your favourite café down the street or your favourite park where you take the kids.


Photo credit: Bulles de Joie


2- Learn more about Paris with a local

If you’re up for a surprise, your private photographer can show you some of their favourite Parisian spots. It could be a small hidden place, a covered passage or a tiny Parisian street.
This way, you will discover more about the city and can show your family and friends when they come and visit!

private photo shoot paris

Photo credit: Bulles de Joie


3- Because it’s fun!

Photos are taken in a candid way. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera and/or you want to have fun with your children, this is the perfect way for you to do so and get great pictures as well!
No need for fixed grins, your photographer will make you feel at ease by proposing interactions or small games between you and your loved ones. This will allow you to create happy and authentic portraits together.

private photo shoot paris

Photo credit: Bulles de Joie


4- Keep in touch with people back home

Maybe you would like to share with your parents how your children are growing up. If you’re studying in Paris, it’s a great way to show your parents how you live in the city. It’s the perfect way to maintain a connection with your loved ones back home.

5- Beautiful photos to print

You’ll be able to print these high-quality portraits to hang on your wall or in a beautiful book. So that they make you smile every time you look at them. And remember how special your loved ones are.
In few years, you will be able to look back at your pictures, relive your memories and tell all the stories from that particular moment…

Photo credit: Bulles de Joie


Stéphanie from Bulles de Joie is the photographer of Happy People in Paris.
She creates authentic and happy portraits of people in a sincere way. She captures the love and connection between families and couples by creating a friendly environment where people can express their true feelings.


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